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" Potter " Harry? Series rumor is expected to released in mainland   film released Chinese Trailer – Shandong channel: people.com.cn original title: " Potter " Harry? Series is expected to release the film side outside the mainland release Chinese Trailer "magical animal where" in the "magic quartet". J.K. Rowling screenwriter magic film "where is the magical animal" will be released in North America in November 18th. Recently, the film side released a Chinese trailer, it seems that the Harry – Potter series is expected to spread out in the mainland. The trailer, along with animal roar, President of the American Association of female magician Sera Fina questioned the Sorcerer Tina (Catherine? Watson) is "know a unregistered magician put away some magical animal" in New York, Tina then tapping the boxes on the floor, Newt (Eddie Mayne Reid? Impressively decorated) from the box to appear…… The film’s story than "Harry? Potter" series as early as 70 years, tells the story of the magic zoologist Newt? Scamandre left Hogwarts, to the United States and New York in search of the animal care of magical adventure stories. J.K. familiar with the magical world of Rowling fans should know that Newt is? Scamandre Hogwarts textbook magical animal protection class writing. The Oscar winner Eddie Mayne Reid? As Newt, so many fans highly anticipated. It seems from the trailer, Newt and his partners Eddie played in the United States and sniff, constantly on the run, such as bowtruckle, Thunderbird, nundu, erumpent, llama, birds, snakes and other angle "Harry Potter" in the series? Mentioned amazing animal are also coming out. From the film "Harry? Directed by David Potter of the Department of the four" series? Directed by Yates, in addition to Eddie, such as Alison Vogele, Su Dan?? Colin, bud Farrell and other actors have joined?. (commissioning editor Liu Yingjie and Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: