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How does long distance drive drive to do? The old driver gave you the antidote! Sohu – the car is already the last day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, I believe everyone will return in the way today, these days have been wine and dine and play noisy, and the rest is certainly not the rule, when the return driving sleepy can do? The driver would talk to you today the old small coup children who cures "Chunkun lack of autumn, inspirational to improve everyone’s driving safety and the soul of the world! So what is it that we can easily drive a car? In late summer and early autumn because the weather gradually cool, our appetite will become good. A lot of people in the lunch, after dinner will nap, particularly in the afternoon 13:00 to 15:00 this time is people sleepy high time, and drivers when driving is boring, the sun a long time, more easily sleepy; "the most popular dozing" is a long time driving in on the highway, whether it is day or night, have had dozed off phenomenon, especially with good roads, the surrounding scenery is very monotonous, the road car and less special, the most easily sleepy; there is another risk is full after lunch in the car, after eating a lot in order to promote digestion, blood to increase the blood circulation of the stomach stomach gathered. The blood supply to the brain is reduced, which makes people feel sleepy. So what should we do to avoid the above? The method on this issue this old driver to introduce you to several works: the most difficult to drink 5 drinks that may prevent sleepy, most people first thought is to drink coffee, refreshing drinks can Red Bull etc.. The most difficult to drink 5 drinks but the old driver now to recommend to you is this time by the Blitz, they are: Oriental leaves, KbaC, pine, red flavor, Laoshan SARS scream Oldenlandia water, you finished the first one, the body relax smooth and refreshed. Wiping Fengyoujing acupoint qingliangyou wind, products can be refreshing, for drivers, prepare a vial of essential balm in the car, you can pick me up when sleepy, very useful. You can use Fengyoujing, smear it on the forehead or temples, can also be placed in the nose before the smell. Mouth, pinch thigh stimulation to prevent dozing can also use the pain of people to stimulate their feelings, not to make their own way to make a sleepy. If you can not go to the next hand, you can let the partner to try to smoke mouth, pinch thighs (of course, your), this approach is believed to be fast and effective, time-saving. Do not eat too full to eat a lot of friends can be found after eating, will be sleepy. This is because the full, the blood in the body will lead to a point in the digestion, brain ischemia, so it is easy to make people sleepy, so that if you need to drive it, try not to eat too much food, avoid driving sleepy. The ventilation window ventilation is one of the important reasons to make the air trapped, if not open the window when driving the car is relatively closed, the oxygen in the air will be slowly consumed, hypoxia may slightly long time not to open the window in the car. So in the sun.相关的主题文章: