Hsu Chi married three golden Taiwan showbiz 3S lady left Lin Chiling – in the new network y580

Hsu Chi married three "golden Taiwan showbiz 3S lady left Lin Chiling -" Beijing, Beijing, September 3, according to the Taiwan Times reported that the Taiwan showbiz "gold 3S lady" of Hsu Chi, now married to Stephen Fung burst two, 1997 for cooperation in the film "bishonen rumored" soon, but the two did not recognize the positive, in June this year, Hsu Chi to show pictures of two people, formally accused of love, but Hsu Chi only two people are working as partners, today (3 days) earlier, Hsu Chi, Stephen Fung officially announced the marriage, this year is "Chinese heart" (Wallace Huo, Ruby Lin) lovers, second the heavyweight couple. Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung scandal spread 20 years scandal, this lightning announced marriage. (Figure / data photo) Hsu Chi today through brokers to share "marriage enlightenment" and the wedding, said "our marriage is so simple, our dress is so random, our decision is so sudden, we won’t have any wedding party, I have met with 20 years in four years and I do not hesitate to marry her, we decided to entangled with each other a lifetime, we got married.", and stressed that "what can be wrong, but don’t miss the love you & him; she P.S. Currently not pregnant". 40 year old Hsu Chi and Ruby Lin Lin Chiling, known as the "golden 3S lady", showbiz Hsu Chi for many years to the feelings of the world, Stephen Fung low-key, Hsu Chi 1997 film "bishonen" would later spread love, the feelings of the 2 different development, Hsu Chi has worked with Eddie Peng and Lee Hom rumored, also with the dawn of communication, while Stephen Fung and Karen Mok relationship. Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung sex scandal for nearly 20 years, but always with friends match, Hsu Chi cat has also been the explosion in fact is the tokens of Stephen Fung, in June this year, Hsu Chi drying out the photo with Stephen Fung sweet, suspected of being recognized is the rhythm of love, now Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung finally airness, generous public romance announced the marriage, sweet like all envy.相关的主题文章: