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Hualian mayor election victory kmt dpp Wei Jiaxian lost 4000 votes – Beijing Chinese Taiwan network August 28th news according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, August 27th is Cai Yingwen’s hundred days at the same time, Hualian mayor election announced the results of the election, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party of Hualian in 6 years to the KMT candidate in this election in Wei Jiaxian. Wei to 53.8% votes, nearly 4000 votes, he defeated the Democratic Progressive Party called widow Zhang, former mayor Tian Zhixuan, make Hualian Lantian reproduction. 27, four pm after invoice, the Wei Jiaxian campaign headquarters gathered a lot of public support, Hao Longbin, vice chairman of Kuomintang "lawmaker" Xu Zhenyu came to care about, although the votes once and Zhang Meihui showed a slight tug, but always stand by winning votes in the ballot after 1 hours gradually opened, 5:30 he self declared elected. Hualian City, a population of 105 thousand, accounting for 1/3 of the population of Hualian County, on this very important election, equivalent to 2018 Hualian County election skirmish, so the blue and green camps are highly valued. The DPP by President Cai Yingwen in four heads of high rate of peach strong campaigning, "the power of the times" also supported Zhang Meihui, everyone is focused at the end of 2018 the county mayor election, in the hope that after the mountain is green open a gap. The campaign started, the public policy support for Tian Zhixuan high, Zhang Meihui also required to complete the field Zhixuan commitments to the public. But Cai Yingwen’s momentum in the doldrums last hundred days, even if the emergency hit "give Tian Zhixuan a chance" is still powerless. To win in the Kuomintang, KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu 4 arrived in Hualian county magistrate Fu Kunqi, campaigning; legislators Xu Zhenyu couple strong solid votes; Tsun and his son, Jiang Wanan finally came to the village head yellow Baath cuipiao, the successful integration of the blue camp supporters, let the green camp from two years ago won 11000 votes, but lost. 4000 tickets. Wei Jiaxian said, "4 years and two months time is not long, but for 4 years to fight, not all thank supporters are criticized malicious shake, the former mayor of a lot of good policies and performance, he will continue down, to Hualian city to build a" friendly and livable, safe and convenient, ethnic groups and common prosperity sightseeing, vitality and happiness "the sunshine city health. Wei Jiaxian stressed that since the election of his family’s attack on the outside world. In order to crush the Wei home bowl to hold the rumor, he promised the future mayor’s family will not participate in the election of public office in Hualian, so that more young people have the opportunity to participate in public service for the people.相关的主题文章: