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Huang Zitao: I’m talking about termination will also hurt the body limit Huang Zitao stern yellow Zitao smile side Yan Shuai Huang Zitao and Cao Kefan photo of Sina entertainment news the day before, Huang Zitao [micro-blog] who can listen to "guest". In the program, Huang Zitao Frank said "don’t want to live so tired, happy to work, only to do their own, do not forget the memories of practicing martial arts experience, said" to Chinese music, C-pop forward to the whole world, continue to like Jackie Chan [micro-blog] brother as the martial arts to the world. Let us listen to more Chinese music, see more China movie, this is my goal and dream". Turning to leave the original company, Huang Zitao bluntly was seriously injured, but also asked to participate in activities. Action without a substitute love songs of Jay Chou said about Huang Zitao is not good but seemingly bright also have to think of him as a "good time", which is accounted for in a number of advantages in meat. Asked when he said "martial arts, martial arts since childhood, the ligament is good, every day, even if the tears still insist on. From the area to play second games in the province, and then to the international competition of the third, so the film starring his "portrait of the summer at the age of nineteen," the film’s action scenes do not stand up. Besides Wushu is Huang Zitao’s love of music, he said the child’s love listening to the music of Jay Chou, "when I was young Jielun’s song is my most memories, if now and then play a song with his song, I will think of what was in place to listen to this song". In addition, the program "upright" Huang Zitao also frequently said on-line, learn Korean only three months, this is because respect talent. Asked "what is the state of being a star," he said "star for me is a job, what are not, I’m just a day in as much as I can do what I should do, how should the star do for me are not used, I only do the most authentic self, I don’t hide love, I do not love, I do not love false, this is me". Then also admitted, in fact, there is no sense of security, it seems that the glory is not good, bear the pressure". I have memories of the injured voice also has the limit also hurts people and finally, Huang Zitao also asked "what is the most serious hurt, his face is serious" cause I left the company at the time, because a basketball program, fracture of leg ligament tear, but then waiting in only two Chinese because, my fans are, I think we should stick to the end, but in such a serious injuries are required to participate in the activities, so Huang Zitao also confided "I can sacrifice for the team, but to a certain degree, I also have my limit, I will hurt, I are people". Many users have seen the show have said, Huang Zitao grew a lot, but even more distressed these years he suffered, and even friends because of improper remarks and apologized.相关的主题文章: