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Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti million people were affected by the cholera epidemic News – Sohu for the United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the world food programme, WHO, the Red Cross and other United Nations agencies and international aid organizations in emergency mobilization, to provide assistance to Haiti and other Caribbean countries affected by Matthew. The United States and France have deployed troops and supplies to Haiti to participate in disaster relief. The storm made landfall in Florida the alert response to the disaster on the other hand, serious disaster also triggered cholera. According to WHO, the local has found at least eight cases of cholera. The organization believes that after the storm the lack of clean drinking water may lead to the intensification of cholera and other infectious diseases. Matthew hit Haiti on Friday after landing on the eastern coast of Florida, but the damage was small. But given the catastrophic damage in the Caribbean, American authorities do not neglect preventive measures. There were thousands of flights canceled, a Florida airport closed, the train service is suspended, the cruise also change course. Matthew 7, entrainment storm off the northeast coast of Florida, although from the beginning of the four stage wind weakened to three, but was up to 193 kilometres per hour, or destroyed many trees and poles, Saturday morning nearly 140 houses and shops off. Due to heavy rain triggered floods of hurricane, killing at least five people. Florida governor Scott warned that although Matthew from Miami in the densely populated coastal city, but it is still possible to move in the coastal area, a 3.35 metre high waves in the offshore, coastal low-lying areas may face the risk of a huge flood struck. The governor of South Carolina has warned that some of the islands off the coast could be flooded.相关的主题文章: