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"I am Wang Jing" Red Army battalion commander continued warming blood cast loyal – victory of Long March Sohu actor Wang Jing entertainment news entertainment Sohu tribute Red Army 80 anniversary of the "Red Army" is a war drama recently in Zhejiang satellite TV, the perfect ending. The Zhu Yuchen, Li Sibo and Wang Jing together the strength of the actor because of the red giant, have a unique style plot, thick arms brotherhood, strong patriotic emotion and heroism by fans, despite the ending, redubujian. The young actor Wang Jing starred in commander Zuo Chunsheng, mature, but a little temper, no loyalty to the revolutionary cause, the ultimate sacrifice moment still fight with all his strength’s general straight, let the audience excited, tears trickling down cheeks, receiving a lot of praise. "I am the Red Army" the child is father of the man by little experience, transfer and carry forward the spirit of the long march. The play, Wang Jing played with the team found the shoulder length, a large force of the mission, it is with the late commander Xue set junlingzhuang. During the encounter nine Nie (Zhu Yuchen), initially on the origin of the nine Nie copycat does not obey the discipline which is not optimistic about the bias, process regression forces, with nine Nie wit brave to give Zuo Chunsheng a great help, causing Zuo Chunsheng to Nie nine sit up and take notice and gradually become the life and death of brothers, alongside the enemy. Finally in order to protect the Nie nine body two knife at the end of life will still be more than life flag is straight, stand with blood Zhonghun a revolution. In the comments of "I am" the Red Army is Wang Jing following the "first team" after two paratroopers together sang for the director, Wang Jing said "Zuo Chunsheng’s role, initially on the nine Nie biased, but along the way, he and nine of Nie army aid and Nie nine strong will not only make the left spring revolution to eliminate prejudice, making two more people become brothers, inside left Nie also made him admire Chunsheng nine in the battle for nine against heavy odds Nie Qudang knife, which two of them are war friendship and brotherhood." The play despite the ending, but the video platform hits and network hot degree is still unabated, Wang Jing said "thank you for your support of this movie and my role, will make the best work to everyone."相关的主题文章: