In particular, consumer upgrades, custom travel touted, in the end is to rely on the strength or by nvidia geforce gt 740m

In particular, consumer upgrades, custom travel touted, in the end is to rely on the strength or by air? Sohu, science and technology lead: October 20th, the online travel service company "flagship customized travel in the 6 tour announced from the same side of the house and Xiamen venture capital investment of 25 million rmb. According to IT orange records, which is the 6 person to swim since its inception in 2013, the sixth round of financing. At the same time, 6 people swim three new board listing schedule is being prepared. If you go to travel is a manifestation of the escalation of consumption, then, compared with the more popular with the group tour, free line, custom travel can be called the upgrade of consumer upgrades. IT orange is currently included in the 56 main customized travel company, from the data can be seen, these companies were founded in 2015 to 2012, only in the year of 2014, there are 17 new companies set up. However, the concept of consumption upgrade the most fire in 2016, the number of new companies have fallen sharply, as of late October, in 2016 only two customized travel companies set up. Despite the reduction in the number of new companies, but does not hinder the very consumer upgrade temperament of the field of customized tourism investment. From the chart, the concentration of investment events can reflect the capital market for consumer upgrades hot. As of October 20, 2016, a total of 23 flagship customized travel companies have access to capital investment. * the data source of IT information as an orange, 2010.10.20 financing rounds most custom tourism companies stay in an angel or A round, so far, tourism and travel to find the B round, the heart of tourism founder Jiang Songtao was in an interview with 36Kr revealed considering seeking acquisition opportunities; the world is UTour to tens of millions RMB, accounting for 54% of the shares of the merger and acquisition; 6 people travel to get F round of investment and in preparation for landing three new board. The main mode of customized tourism market customization tourism company’s current main model can be divided into three kinds of "specific destination customization", "enterprise family customization", "intelligent customization". First, the specific destination of the type of custom company, the main mode of Chinese outbound travel and foreign friends to visit china". "Early to net" and "go off" mainly for visitors to travel in Europe, "onion custom journey" focusing on the Thailand Chiang Mai free line, "Long Island" in Maldives travel, "Zhuo non travel" provides customized travel to africa. These companies only go off to get angel investment. More companies have chosen to leave the country, covering a more comprehensive destination, including 6 people tour and no trip to the two". No two trip in October 2014 to get A round of 10 million yuan financing. The "Lvpad company" and "Trafish" company mainly for tourists to provide customized services for domestic travel, there is no record of financing. Two, in recent years, more and more enterprises, units will travel as a company after the welfare of the company, some companies began to provide customized travel for the enterprise. Read相关的主题文章: