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In the era of two cameras, your cell phone lens is no longer a lens – Sohu technology as many media expect, iPhone 7 Plus into the era of double lens. Although iPhone is not the first to use dual lens mobile phone, but love fan children writer Odin once pointed out, apple seldom uses the most advanced technology, but often new technology also failed to mass production, or the cost is too high, through mass production to reduce the price of these parts can be popularized, promote the whole industry follow up. Similarly, iPhone 7 is not the first to use a dual lens design of the phone, but taking into account the influence of iPhone, fan fan believe: the phone will start the era of the two cameras. Why do you want to use a pair of lenses for mobile phones? The key is that the camera has reached the end of the camera. As a popular consumer product, the mobile phone has been in the arms race. The first mobile phone camera ability dispute, focuses on the resolution: from 600 thousand, 2 million, 5 million, 8 million has been fighting to 10 million or more, to the mobile phone screen to enlarge the number of hair "stage, the industry found that the size and resolution of CMOS mobile phone has to go to the stage to coexist. Then, the industry began to increase in number between the lens, is also increasing, increasing the CMOS lens aperture area, added optical image stabilization and other components, even until the iPhone has a convex lens an ugly duckling’s (below), until even iPhone to add optical image stabilization and cut 3.5mm headset, people began to pay attention to: the internal mobile phone has been difficult to simply through the hardware to improve imaging capability. More importantly: mobile phone manufacturers in order to enhance the imaging ability of the camera to make further sacrifices? In economics there is a law of diminishing marginal utility (Law of diminishing marginal utility), refers to the additional utility when consumers will increase by one unit product obtained, will decrease with the increase of the quantity, until the marginal utility to negative (i.e. every increase of a single product, the utility, consumers will reduce it) not like the product. The law of marginal utility of a mobile phone lens also increases the performance of the camera, which is also bound by the law of diminishing marginal utility. In the early development of the mobile phone camera, mobile phone camera quality really sucks, so every time we can increase the resolution, adding new lens, a lens and a photosensitive element increase, will bring users in the shooting experience leap. However, the imaging capabilities of the leap to iPhone 5S began to enter the dead end. At that time, there are a lot of evaluators, began to iPhone 5S and professional SLR camera (DSLR) compared to, but this does not mean that iPhone 5S really achieve professional相关的主题文章: