India to determine the introduction of light single fighter LCA or will remain ca1810

India is determined to introduce lightweight single fighter LCA or will still retain the original title: India identified the introduction of single light fighter transfers of technology is conducive to domestic development of U.S. defense news website reported on October 12th, according to India’s defense ministry official said, India has launched a new manufacturing base, single light fighter project in India to introduce foreign technology. The invitation to the project has been sent to the India Embassy in private". The plane may be expected to win the Lockheed Martin’s F-16Block70 fighter · or the Saab Gripen JAS-39E. In June this year, the chief of staff of the India air force went to northern Europe to study the production line of the eagle and lion -E fighter, and there was no obstacle to the establishment and assembly of the production line in India and the establishment of the production line in India. In the bid winning great. Observer network military commentator analysis, according to defense news reports, India’s light fighter aircraft made a clear single request. Originally may participate in the bidding F-18 fighter completely does not meet the requirements of natural elimination, and the thought of new light jet fighters will replace LCA say there are other statements, in view of India to replace the MIG 21 and MIG 27 huge demand and the amount of purchased aircraft capacity constraints, LCA may also be preserved. The service has not yet been outdated, LCA tejas very inconsistent with the India air force requirements, but considering the India air force in the future facing a large number of old models retired, but also with the powerful enemy situation, maybe…… Can some way out, at least a number of India’s light fighter bidding requirements in addition to the requirements of India production and export license, for the transfer of technology presents a clear and huge demand, and put forward the India air force of Chinese medium sized stealth four generation machine program (AMCA) plan has considerable relevance. In the current stage of the entire bidding plan, India can get what level of technology transfer is not yet known. The two objects of the tender belong to the light of the three generation single fighter, even if the requirements of the transfer of technology in India has been met, what kind of technology can be beneficial for the AMCA program is also an unknown. Before the contract completely finalized for the future so long, but does not have much possibility of planning, whether the India air force development has practical significance, which is perhaps the answer is obvious. Although expect to be able to get Russian T-50 fighter, but India’s own domestic AMCA program has not yet given up, although only the concept of existence. For the continuation of the aviation industry in India itself and the maintenance of the technical research team, the existence of this plan is also necessary. The U.S. Defense News Network quoted the India air force two retired lieutenant general words, between the Loma and Saab who will win very much looking forward to. The following is reported: India retired Air Force lieutenant, defense analyst Maher Swaran said: "if defined in a single engine fighter, you have two choices, Lockheed Martin and saab." "If confirmed including Russia, only three countries participate in the view and Saab will be shortlisted for the loma." India air force back.相关的主题文章: