Intel chips are used for some Apple iPhone 7

The Intel chip was used for part of the apple iPhone 7 Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, informed sources claimed that, chip giant Intel is taking Qualcomm’s "lunch", the wireless chip is used in the latest release of Apple’s flagship mobile phone iPhone 7. This indicates that Intel’s efforts for many years to produce a return, help it gain a foothold in the smart phone market. Informed sources said that Intel’s baseband modem chip is being used to replace part of the Qualcomm Corp chip. Qualcomm is a long-term supplier of apple chips, the company will continue to provide the rest of apple iPhone 7 wireless chips. But some analysts believe that Intel’s supply of chips may account for half of Apple’s new mobile phone sales. Experience in the mobile market for many years after the failure, no wonder this is seen as Intel big wins. Previously, Qualcomm management has already sent a signal at the beginning of this year, they think may lose part of the iPhone chip contract. Bloomberg also reported on June that Intel may win some of Apple’s new phone modem chip contract. However, the choice of these components, often in the beginning of Apple’s new machine sales, and research companies really have the opportunity to remove the latest phone will be confirmed. Industry executives said Apple’s decision could be made in the last minute, because many companies will be pricing and other issues in the final negotiations to resolve. With the latest release of iPhone 7, Apple has revealed some clues about the specifications, the iPhone 7 is expected to be on sale in September 16th. Apple had previously revealed that some of the modem will not support the cellular technology named CDMA. In the United States, mobile operators Verizon, Sprint and other uses CDMA technology, and AT& T and T-Mobile US is using different technologies. Qualcomm has helped promote CDMA technology, its baseband chips are also supported by this technology, but Intel does not support. Analysts explained that non CDMA modem will be supported by Intel chips, other networks still use Qualcomm chips. Market research company Moor Insights & Strategy · analyst Patrick (Patrick Moorhead); Sid Moore said, these specifications are regarded as "leading indicator", means that Intel technology will appear on the part of Apple’s mobile phone. Intel and Qualcomm Corp spokesman declined to respond to this. In an interview with apple, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing Philip · (Philip Schiller) also declined to comment. Investment bank Cowen analyst Timothy · & Co; arcuri (Timothy Arcuri) said, similar to other equipment manufacturers, Apple has to establish at least 2 key parts suppliers of interest. In addition to providing backup support in case of problems, a number of suppliers in the price and performance aspects of the competition will benefit apple. Arcuri said: "Apple Devices last no two.相关的主题文章: