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IPhone7 started: Yan dog love AirPod: – Science and technology science and technology Sohu Sohu flashy without substance Wenwang Xue Ying saw an instant bright black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, stayed up all night if you feel not white? If you haven’t figured out whether to start this new country line starts at iPhone $5388 not to panic! With the small series of tests compared to the previous iPhone 6 and 6S series, iPhone Series 7 is the biggest and most intuitive feature is: the glass texture of the bright black people to find a familiar touch. Because of this, even if the Home did not like the previous round key hearsay called "disappear", but you can still identify at a glance "this is a new iterative iPhone". Have to say, apple abandoned the traditional 3.5mm headset interface, this also needs some courage, because had the majority of the industry’s point of view is: compared to the direct use of Lightning headset interface to replace the traditional 3.5mm interface, more and more people prefer to take apple to change the location of it. But to see the scene could experience AirPod crowd at the first goal at least we can say apple do — stimulate your interest. Since it comes to the headset, let’s talk about this $159 worth of wireless headphones. It can be said that compared to the chip technology and the appearance of subversion, apple did not bring AirPod too big upgrade tone, basically sound and EarPod no difference, the only difference is that it is wireless. Mobile phone users will be asked to select a matched connection system at first use, but it is worth noting that, at the time of pairing AirPod appears less stable state (I can be immediately recognized by the iPhone, but some people do need to take more than and 10 seconds). The better part is that Xiao Bian think it is more comfortable to wear than EarPod – although when I exercise when it is found to be loose. When used, if you talk about a headset to take down, AirPod will be detected by the built-in sensor and automatically pause playback. At the same time, users can start by touching the Siri voice and through the built-in function to strengthen their voice. Apple does not specify the technology principle of AirPod, simply introduces the built-in W1 wireless chip, from a practical point of view, AirPod is not suitable for a class of people — people tend to lose things absent-minded, no wire headset, headset more easily lost. We return to iPhone itself. Take pictures in the use of iPhone 7 Plus, we can clearly feel the two cameras brought about by the increase, the effect of 12 million pixels rear camera in real scene is not obvious, but compared to a 7 million pixel front camera that took 2 years to stunning — finally, apple in front camera self timer to do the homework. This相关的主题文章: