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Julie Peter "cahuo" custody of a child or a "big problem" – Beijing, Beijing, September 22 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time 20 days, a heavy news that U.S. entertainment raged: Hollywood actress Angelina Julie has been in the 19 to her husband Brad Peter filed for divorce. In 12 years, raising 6 children, from "God Goddess couple" to "perfect couple", Julie and Peter cahuo now suddenly announced, in addition to let people sigh, which also caused a lot of speculation. And on their subsequent divorce, an issue of particular concern, that is, after the divorce of their children how to". This marriage, how to leave?  , November 4, 2015, the New York Museum of art, Angelina, JoliePitt and Brad Pitt attended the event. According to Julie, the reason why she and Pitt divorce, because of the inevitable differences". Here not to cause the spread of all kinds of gossip caused two people like birds flying in different directions from the official documents on the market, first look at the wedding, Julie want to leave. Celebrity divorce, property division is usually a big aspect". At present, in this regard, Julie’s divorce petition also wrote a more general. Just put forward: all kinds of jewelry, personal belongings, since September 15, 2016, the date of separation of personal income and savings, are owned by their own. Other need to split the property, there is no clear calculation". In addition, Julie did not want to Pitt and his 6 children alimony. However, as a mother, her parents on the right to make a clear requirement: and Peter shared the child’s legal custody, but the children themselves, Pitt can only visit. The emphasis is on children;   2013 awards for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in November 16, 2013. Angelina? Julie and Brad Pitt? Loving debut, their son Pax also appeared activities. From 2004 the couple Smith due to play love, "Brad Lina" the relationship of Julie and part company each going his own way, Peter maintained for 12 years, two people together have 3 adopted children, had 3 children. The 3 children were adopted from Kampuchea, Ethiopia and Vietnam, Julie is a special envoy of the UN refugee agency, the family so they often referred to by the media as the United Nations family".   3 local time on September 9, 2016, Jordan azrak, Angelina Julie visited the refugee camp in Syria?. Currently, in the divorce on this matter, Julie and Pitt agreed: everything for the family, children. Julie said that the decision to make a divorce is for the sake of the health of the family, I hope the public at this difficult time to give them privacy. Peter said, although the divorce makes him very sad, but now everything from the interests of the child. Legal person how to see? At present, it is not clear whether Julie and Peter signed a prenuptial agreement, but the law said that regardless of whether they signed an agreement, regardless of future property.相关的主题文章: