KYOCERA duraforce Pro mobile phone market in the United States

KYOCERA Duraforce Pro mobile phone market in the United States in August this year, Japan’s Kyocera Corp released the Duraforce Pro mobile phone, the machine has been in the United States, Sprint is responsible for the sale, consumers can choose a two-year contract machine or $18 or $432 (about 2950 yuan) of the non contract machine. According to KYOCERA official, DuraForce Pro by IP68 and 810G military standard certification, with dust and water and the 1.5 meter drop three functions. DuraForce Pro uses a 5 inch 1080P screen, equipped Xiaolong 617 processor, combined with 2GB RAM+32GB ROM, built-in 3240mAh battery, support wireless charging, pre installed Android 6 operating system, support 4G LTE, support for fingerprint recognition, front 5 million pixel camera. KYOCERA Duraforce Pro back in addition to have a common 13 million pixel camera, there is a 135 degree wide angle motion camera, support 1080P video recording, you can shoot in the water, while supporting the slow motion shot. It is worth mentioning that the official claimed that the aircraft is equipped with the world’s first three ultra wide-angle camera motion machine ".相关的主题文章: