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LGOP in Gansu farmer infanticide case — Society — people.com.cn original title: LGOP in case of a family of eight killed the woman, now only two elderly people. The network image recently, Gansu Kangle County Jing Gu Zhen Gu Shan Cun Wan O Lord agency for a family of six died in the massacre, caused widespread concern: the village, a young mother Yang Gailan killed 4 children died after the Dutch act. A few days later, her husband Yang change orchid Li Keying’s body was found, the investigation department of the public security organs commit death. The day before, the Poverty Alleviation Office investigation team has entered the village investigation under the state council. > > event of a family of six died within 8 days post Kangle county information office bulletin, August 26th at 20:30 PM, Kangle County Public Security Bureau Jing Town area police station received a public warning, O master Gu Shan Cun Bay Club a farmer family of 5 poisoning, with 2 deaths. Informed that, after the scene investigation, traces of material identification, forensic autopsy, police investigators in-depth investigation, initially identified as a serious criminal case. In August 26th 18, Yang Gailan in the house after a path will 4 children Yang Moufan (female, 6 years old), twins Yang Mouli (female, 5 years old) and Yang Mouqing (male, 5 years old), Yang Moufu (female, 3 years old) injury after serving pesticide Dutch act. Among them, Yang Mouli Yang Moufu died on the spot, Yang Mouqing died on the way to the hospital, Yang Moufan, Yang change orchid was sent to the county hospital, Yang Moufan died in the evening of 12, Yang change orchid transferred to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University for treatment, 29 died at 0:55 in the morning. Yang Gailan and the 4 children have died after the county, town and village cadres, village organization to help the people of Li Keying buried the dead. But eighth days after the incident, in September 4th, Li Keying’s body was found in a forest by Gu Shan Cun, investigation department of the public security organs died. Currently, the case is still under investigation. > > investigation of poor family never went to school and entered a Gu village, under the master Bay Club is Yang Gailan Road, yard. Jeongbang three things, all two rooms, are Adobe houses, already dilapidated. Living in a small mountain village, because his family was poor, Yang did not have a day to learn. At the age of 19, married and the village Li Keying, Li Keying married into yang. Yang Gailan married, has 4 children were born. A young couple and the father of Yang Gailan Yang Mantang, 70 year old grandmother Yang Lanfang live together. After marriage, Li Keying idle often go to working outside the home farm, busy. But Li Keying did not earn money to work for Yang Mantang and Yang Lanfang. "17 acres of land for the peas, wheat, potato, rape, one family almost can solve the food and clothing, but no money to buy fertilizer, every year to buy fertilizers to debts." Yang Lanfang said. Yang Mantang said, in order to buy fertilizer, to spend 700 yuan -800 yuan per year, this is a big expense, not the money, only debts. Li Keying also earned 6000 yuan a year to work -7000 yuan yuan, to Yang Yuan Yuan -4000 yuan for household expenses. In addition to farming, Yang now)相关的主题文章: