Liang Zhenying I hope young people out of Hongkong to learn more about the development of the mother mkdv-02

Liang Zhenying: I hope young people out of Hongkong to the motherland and the development of the world – China news agency new network in Hongkong on 20 September, the Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying attended the 20 to celebrate the sixty-seven anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China Hongkong Youth Federation twenty-fourth ‘and the Council inauguration said more about, hope the young people of Hongkong to equip themselves out of Hongkong learn more about the motherland, and the development of the world, for their own career development and lay a good foundation for days after the contribution to society. Liang Zhenying said that young people represent the future of society. The development of young people is always caring the SAR government. The SAR government is committed to assisting the development of young people, encouraging them to take care of the Hongkong society and the motherland, and cultivate them to be an international talent. Therefore, in the past few years, the government continues to increase the allocation of resources, expand the "Mainland Youth Exchange Program" and "youth Internship Scheme from the mainland, let more local young people to the mainland to experience life, experience the rapid development of national economy and society. Liang Zhenying stressed that the steady growth of the national economy, the steady development of society, it is essential to the prosperity and stability of Hongkong, but also to bring a lot of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for young people in Hongkong. He encouraged young people to make good use of government policies, resources, grasp the opportunities for the development of the mainland, and strive for the future career. He pointed out that in the policy address last year, he proposed the establishment of a $three hundred million youth development fund, which was launched in July this year, with the support of the youth affairs committee. Funds will be paired with funds and non-governmental organizations to support young entrepreneurs. (end)相关的主题文章: