LPL ADC the first deft story continues to God helps those who help themselves

The first LPL ADC: The Legend of Deft EDG God helps those who help themselves to continue in this summer to 18 victory win history, to the S6 again in a seeded team identity, EDG this year compared to previous years more, the total MVP Deft season in summer also ushered in its peak, foreign media evaluation: this is a the new Deft. Once in the LPL popular phrase: "wind, wind Deft IMP, desperate UZI." This famous top ADC three LPL you always seem to be compared, compared with IMP, UZI, Deft has been criticized for his early line ability, it is difficult to play advantage, focusing on the development, to the battle group output. In most people’s eyes, ADC in this position should be a little fierce, high damage, play aggressive, brisk performance can be regarded as a good ADC, but Deft like this team type ADC even teamfight output again severe, but always make people feel a bit worse. Last season’s Deft EDG in the performance of law-abiding, occasionally there will be some mistakes, when most people mention LPL ADC, who resembles "Alpaca" shy ADC get more is this: he is very good, but he is not the best. Rudy only for a series of S Deft EDG club champion rumors to catch an olive branch part of the reason is because the director of Clearlove, the rumors are credible we can make nothing of it but the far from South Korea, and the boy was with the same dream and Ming Kai: S series championship. For the two men, occupation career now greatly small all to get the championship, but for all the players are the same occupation, these honors are not a S series championship and they also let them regardless of personal danger, need a champion for their occupation career perfect period. From the blue to Samsung EDG, Deft have to say a lot of growth, Deft from the occupation began, is known in the spring of 2014 at the mouth and mouse game, hero, and Obama, he is also the first with a jinx to the occupation of the game, then Samsung blue with the spring champion, then direct promotion to S4, but he also became the top ADC and IMP par. The Deft is also not perfect, the game sometimes behind up the knife, is suppressed in the tower under the opponent, it occasionally make mistakes, but his shortcomings exist only in the early stages of the game, then all of his evaluation is, no one in the world can ADC Deft the same as the control group in the late game war. When Samsung regret Deft, who lost the game the children cry their dream to LPL, met a group of the same dream team, and their goal is only the only one champion. After the return to the top once again took the first Deft to Chinese hanbok, also accompany EDG to win the domestic and foreign large and small champion, the most brilliant achievement is the MSI championship, but the state did not extend to S5, EDG for all).相关的主题文章: