Men dream of a round of police actually opened a fake police car patrol street after half a year of ca1816

Men dream round police false police patrolling street after surrendering to a man half of drugs in order to achieve the dream of being a police officer, but purchased police on duty uniforms, work permit, driving a patrol car every day, the obligation to carry out patrols, traffic violations, persuasion and correct the driver to half a year. Because of a drug, feel guilty after surrender. "My drug, is a" false police "to surrender." The day before yesterday morning at about 11, Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District) Public Security Bureau of the case to a police center". By asking the police, the man Cheng (31 years old, Yingcheng people) and his wife live in Wuhan economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District). His own confession to the police, posing as police enforcement for seven or eight months, also produced false documents, their fake police uniforms. Subsequently, the police according to the process of a transfer of the Dragon police station for investigation. Through further investigation, the original, Cheng has always wanted to be a policeman, because of various reasons are not admitted to police. At the beginning of this year, he bought a uniform outside, work permit, and will be printed on the mini van in the home security patrol words, and then often a person driving in the area patrol. According to an account of the process, see where the traffic is large, he will stop command of road traffic, saw muck truck shielding plate, the vehicle does not travel by road, red light violations, he will be corrected. Police investigators in the process of a patrol car seized a notebook, including more than and 50 pages of detailed records since August of this year, a total of a total of road traffic violations to correct various acts. When the police asked Cheng why to do this, Cheng said: when a police officer is glorious, has been my dream." The evening of September 25th, a friend invited by the dinner, which taking the drugs, he felt unworthy of his dream of being a police officer, and surrender. The video man posing as police patrol police because a dream相关的主题文章: