Millions of years into can not afford to buy housing in Vancouver and took to the streets in protest candle june

Millions of years into can not afford to buy housing in Vancouver and took to the streets to protest the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 19 days local time on Saturday, about two hundred or three hundred people in Vancouver held a rally in downtown Vancouver Art Gallary, asked the government to take measures to stop the local real estate market intensified the "Crazy", the local people solve the housing affordability crisis. The CTV television network reported that the organization of the protest is "local taxpayers housing organization" (Housing Action for Local Taxpayers), one of its founders, Mr Cavey said: "we want to be fair. Local taxpayers and those who make contributions to their communities deserve justice. We want a fair competitive environment." The meeting called on the government to banks, real estate brokers and investment immigration (Quebec Immigrant Investor Program) to take more stringent measures. Previously, in order to cool the real estate market in British Columbia Province, the provincial government has taken some measures, such as July announced that foreign buyers must pay 15% of the tax, etc.. Vancouver mayor Robertson (Gregor Robertson) announced on Wednesday, is expected to start from 2017 to the housing vacancy tax levy, the proceeds will be used for the construction of rental housing market, due to overheating, many people here have simply can not afford to buy the local house. Canada’s central government is also planning to release a national housing development strategy report in the coming months, and many protesters say it’s something they should have done. The 28 year old Courtney (Courtney) lady and her boyfriend with a pet dog rally, "now I really hope to buy a house is not a little, but here is the life I have my hometown." Hughes (Dale Hughes) said that his daughter to buy a house in Vancouver, had moved to Calgary, where to save money, but the result is, "my son and my daughter have said more than once, they have been downhearted, to give up its own housing plan". Lage Shai (Euclid Laghai) said that his wife and the annual income of 180 thousand dollars (about 920 thousand yuan), but did not dare to have the idea to buy a house, because according to this price, "the only thing we can afford, is far away on the outskirts of the house, which means we have to spend two per day on the way to work hours". "A generation ago, $1 million would be enough for you to buy two homes, and now it’s good to buy a two bedroom." University of British Columbia Professor Xiao Ke (Paul Kershaw) said, "we must unite to proclaim the truth of this madness, we must stop all of the housing price has already passed the dangerous line." (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Feng Wei相关的主题文章: