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Department of transportation: 2015 toll fee revenue and expenditure gap over 310 billion – Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to the Ministry of transportation website news, the Ministry of communications today announced the "2015 National Highway statistical bulletin", the year 2015, the national toll fee income is 409 billion 780 million yuan, the total expenditure of 728 billion 510 million yuan, the toll income gap 318 billion 730 million yuan. On the overall situation of toll roads, the report shows that as of the end of 2015, the national toll road mileage 164 thousand and 400 km (excluding the toll roads have been canceled, the same below), accounting for a total mileage of 4 million 577 thousand and 300 km highway of 3.6%. Among them, the highway 117 thousand km, a highway of 23 thousand and 400 km, Highway 22 thousand and 900 km, independent of the bridge tunnel of 1168 km, accounting for the national toll road mileage of 71.2%, 14.2%, 13.9% and 0.7%. As of the end of 2015, a total of 1588 toll roads nationwide toll station. Among them, the highway 730, a highway of the 412, the level of highway 342, independent of the bridge tunnel of the 104, accounting for the number of mainline toll stations, respectively, 46%, 21.5%, and 6.5%, respectively, the number of two. As of the end of 2015, the cumulative total investment in the construction of 6 trillion and 948 billion 850 million yuan toll road. Among them, the financial capital investment of 1 trillion and 204 billion 580 million yuan, the financial capital invested 977 billion 390 million yuan, borrowing 4 trillion and 401 billion 280 million yuan bank loan principal and other borrowing debt principal 365 billion 600 million yuan, respectively, the cumulative toll road construction total investment of 17.3%, 14.1%, 63.3% and 5.3%. As of the end of 2015, the national toll road debt balance of 4 trillion and 449 billion 370 million yuan. Among them, the balance of bank loans at the end of 3 trillion and 783 billion 900 million yuan, the balance of other debt at the end of the year $665 billion 470 million, accounting for 85% and 15% of the balance of the charge road debt. 2015 year, the national toll road toll revenue of $409 billion 780 million, spending a total of $728 billion 510 million, the gap between the cost of spending $318 billion 730 million. The 2015 annual toll road spending, spending 349 billion 790 million yuan to repay debts, debt interest payments 225 billion 190 million yuan, 50 billion 350 million yuan maintenance expenditure, roads and ancillary facilities expansion project management expenditure 18 billion 820 million yuan, spending 52 billion 750 million yuan, 29 billion 650 million yuan of taxes and fees, other expenses 1 billion 950 million yuan, the total expenditure accounted for 48%, 30.9% toll road 6.9%, 2.6%, 7.2%, 4.1% and 0.3%. (including the use of new debt borrowing and financial subsidies to cover expenses, the same below)相关的主题文章: