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Nanjing land network beat all the developers will break the highest number of Yaohao grab – Sohu news map. China News Agency reporter Wei Liang photo Beijing, Nanjing in September 20,   (reporter Shen ran) 20 days, Jiangsu provincial capital of Nanjing city land auction network, enter the second day, 7 residential sites to hang out, after hundreds of rounds of online auction, the final breakthrough all the highest price, ended with "Liupai". This means that all "shizaibide" developers to participate in the "Yaohao" program, resigned for "winning". According to the results of the day of the auction, Nanjing prices have broken through 20 thousand yuan mark, some areas in just one year, the price doubled skyrocketing. Housing city "high fever" difficult to retreat. "Will participate in Yaohao, bet a." Jing Rui real estate investment manager Zhu Rui, the day after the end of the network, said in an interview with reporters. The developers auction land, a total of 42 Yaohao competitors, winning probability of 2.5%. As the enterprises to participate in the "network" "trader", Zhu Rui told reporters, "price per click, like stock trading under the single. Compared at auction site, the racquet to see who the opponent is, indeed to calm some." "An emergency stop site soil to shoot, shoot at the same time, on-line net; online auction to the highest price of 90%, the land must be built commercial housing Xianfang sales, for Nanjing local government, various restrictions, hoping to appease the developers really nervous, reduce the herd effect now auction hot atmosphere brings"". But from the two day to test the water situation, the net shot to become another battlefield without smoke, for developers to curb the mood is no real help. 20 days, Nanjing Land Resources Bureau took out 7 residential plots, all suffered berserk. Hang out a, just 3-5 minutes, there are hundreds of rounds of bidding, the rapid explosion of top ", which means that, in the" fuse "waiting Yaohao auction at the same time, this piece of land has required Xianfang sales. "Laugh at" housing Yaohao grab housing developers, now reduced to buy Yaohao helpless even more tragic fate. For developers, not only to hit a lot of money to buy the land, the future of the financial pressure to sell Xianfang is much greater than the sale of auction, almost regardless of the cost of crazy to grab". On the one hand, Nanjing this year, the supply of land is relatively small; on the other hand, the housing boom in Nanjing, the country’s developers and hot money have flocked to attempt to share a cup of soup. The price is certainly not to go too." As of April this year was desperate to get into the Nanjing market in the field of housing prices, said Zhu Rui, Jerry is now ", and similar ideas fight for every inch of land" is not a small number of new developers. Daily economic news reporter learned that all the participants to participate in the 20 net shot developers, more than 2/3 participated in the wave number, crazy game continues. In this regard, Nanjing real estate development association secretary general Zhang Hui said, "this is crazy, without a history of the most stringent control law, I am afraid not brake." Some experts believe that the Nanjing government had to purchase may be resorted to the trick".相关的主题文章: