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"Naruto" hand tour A could fly the coming dawn, game original title: Naruto hand travel A could boosted the upcoming dawn with on-line genuine Naruto fighting Mobile Games September strong versions of the Ninja showdown, the students also in the main copy [new] Chapter in the undead destroyer and Xiao textile group the phase angle and die combination close embrace. That challenge the powerful enemy, the students also can not wait to endure all recruited strong. In October, Xiao Angel flight organization Cthulhu will officially debut, the students will be recruited and controlled flight waving bloody March sickle to reap the enemy’s life, let the enemy tremble in fear under thick blood! The embodiment of terror has cursed the flesh of gods! Flight came from a [village] forget about the war called Yincun decoction. A flight is always craving Ninja war with anxiety on pacifism Rencun gradually upgrade mild soup, a killer he finally can not suppress their darkness, into the arms of God to teach. He became the first successful teaching of gods with immortality ninja, immortal blessings and curses and replace the application as the killing continues. In order to create a recognized world of murder, hidan joined Akatsuki organization. He was dressed in a black dress for dawn, the blood of the sacrifice and waved three blade bloody March sickle, the ominous gesture of death as a general pain to the enemy. God’s beloved ninja! Flight is the only known organizations and even all the Ninja unlimited magic and immortal ninja. In the battle, he needs to be applied to the body using a wide range of incantations, attacks in March to collect the opponent’s blood sickle as the media launched banned by our [dead] through the blood, stabbed his opponent by God’s curse, the characteristics of their immortality, hurt the body or visceral of their own, to make the enemy in the cursed under the same injury or death. In the series in the original phase, using a forbidden technique successfully kill twelve people could guard land and ten class teacher sarutobi asima. However, despite the immortal weakness also significantly boosted. Although his body with flexible ability, with a dead body, can make themselves through the curse opponents and equal to the damage, but it is easy to bring about, and his moves once the opponent will see the bad. So for such a dead body of the ninja, he will be in Naruto hand travel will continue in the original animation features? All the answers for the both will be announced officially launched, the Ninja students ready for the beloved of the gods, the immortal gods! (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: