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Night: Zhao Ming Zhou Hongyi Lei Wuzhen are talking about what? Sohu, science and technology article one observation art Third World Internet Conference, mobile phone bigwigs again "hard scraper, fire. 16 on the morning before the opening ceremony, a Chinese tunic suit Zhou Hongyi first than Lei to the venue, when he saw the seat next to close to the "Lei", face screwed out of the complex smile. But when the Lei appeared, two people in the face of the media is very complex, laughing and talking, and even some "in love"…… Lei Jun said: "he (Zhou Hongyi) sat next to me last year and fell asleep". The style is as follows: Zhou Hongyi immediately replied: "I am absolutely not to sleep, to sleep on ray total shoulder……" The style is as follows: so, the night after Zhou Hongyi and Lei came to Wuzhen Jin Yi Inn, did not fear the dark…… "Provocative" media reporters excited, carrying changqiangduanbao whim, but found this picture: come on ~ China, mobile phone companies and Internet companies "half of the country" they were actually sitting in a room. From the point of view, Zhou Hongyi and Yu Chengdong were sitting together for the first time, when Zhou Hongyi is ready to cooperate with HUAWEI mobile phone, launched the "360 special machines", although "force majeure" fruitless, but apparently Zhou Hongyi thought Yu Chengdong "enough sense of justice, two people know is said to have been good, when 360 mobile phone is also a big adjustment, believe that the mobile phone that night two people talking. (the leader, you are not the day before that discussion with Lei Jun channels under the line of mobile phone?) The glory of President Zhao Ming sat opposite Zhou Hongyi, a Zhang Yaqin, and between lei. Ya Qin, do you have a special feeling in the air tonight? In the distance, Yang Yuanqing sat in the main position, side is the host of Zhejiang tonight "landlord" Ding Lei, then were Zhang Zhaoyang, Cao Guowei and other Internet business chiefs. Tonight the food and wine, including dishes, are Ding Lei, we look at the table and menu hem feeling: This is said to be "small pigs": of course, is also the first half tonight Chinese Internet plus intelligent mobile phone gangster party, so the help bigwigs tuibeihuanzhan, large pieces of meat and drink. Some high…… The media reporters spent half the night at the door, although not catch "Zhou Lei monomer", but also had a house of chiefs, so a female reporter squat to drunk the glory of President Zhao Ming, we look at the video experience: reporter: Zhao, I’m your hand to discuss very lively discussion is today? Zhao Ming: very happy. Reporter: how could I have been quick to see Lei, cry feeling. Zhao Ming: No, I don’t think ray is always with us today… Reporter: very excited? Zhao Ming: No, I think we got a lot of consensus today. Reporter: what consensus? Zhao Ming: we work together for the nation’s manufacturing, the rise of China’s manufacturing industry. Reporter: what about the competition? Zhao Ming: I think the competition is fair competition, as long as it is fair competition?相关的主题文章: