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No longer just cleaner, hair dryer, Dyson plans to enter the electric car market – Sohu technology [Technews] science news for Dyson (Dyson) of this brand, your impression is cleaner, hair dryer manufacturers? Now you want to subvert your mind. According to the Japanese Economic News reported that the British home appliance giant is preparing to enter the pure electric vehicle market. Moreover, the future once the successful launch of the product, will be an important competitor of the United States electric vehicle leading brand Tesla (Tesla). Therefore, the trend of Dyson, the market continued to focus on. The report notes that in March 2016, Dyson’s secret plan had been the British government "careless" open caused by the uproar in the industry. At that time, the British government decided in the infrastructure construction plan, provide 16 million pounds of subsidies for the development of Dyson cell technology, and the first public information in writing "the new development of the electric car battery". Although the British government immediately removed the relevant information, but many people began to believe that this is the evidence that Dyson will enter the field of electric vehicles. In this regard, Dyson CEO Conze on the possibility of entering the electric car, said the original was to let everyone at the time of the Max. Therefore, there is no clear content and time points. Max Conze also said that the battery technology has become a major limitation of many modern products, including Dyson’s main products – the performance of the vacuum cleaner is also limited by the battery. Therefore, the electric car is the same, if you can improve the performance of the battery, then in the field of electric vehicles can play an advantage. In fact, Dyson has been active in the field of battery. In October 2015, Dyson announced the acquisition of $90 million acquisition of the U.S. emerging companies Sakti 3, in order to cooperate to develop a new generation of batteries called solid cells. If, then be able to truly commercialization, output power may be significantly more than lithium ion batteries. The Dyson also said that in the next 5 years, plans to invest in the development of new battery technology for 1 billion pounds of funds. Japanese economic news also pointed out that the current electric vehicle is the world’s major car manufacturers to invest and promote the market. Based on the principle of environmental protection, in the traditional automotive fuel efficiency requirements more stringent, so that the major European plants have begun to actively invest in electric vehicles. In addition, some joined this new industry enterprises have very suction eye. Among them, Tesla is not only the production of batteries, but also to the advantages of automatic driving technology and innovative design and rapid expansion of the market. As for, Dyson may also be developed to subvert the traditional automotive design and common sense, highly anticipated. All along, Dyson is always a unique product development market. In 2015, Dyson’s sales grew 26% to $1 billion 740 million, a record相关的主题文章: