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The official people prefer to ask "what" nosy "is located in the old Shanghai dialect, a Chinese" leased "in a" spy ", is the rule and the repressive power tool maintenance, designed to" ask "the masses of the people, against the protests is spying on the" information "from the next layer" nosy source". Today the so-called official "nosy", refers to a "Officialdom", will inquire around wind sways grass "news", and the dissemination and utilization and the sale of minority cadres". Officialdom "nosy", is "locked" official information "use value", and is spying on the message from the "upper" and "leadership", is "the source packet about". Officialdom bag ask what officialdom as a special source of information and information centers, including a large number of information on policies and cadres. The more the upper level of the organization and leadership, the more important is to grasp the "information"; the more directly related to their own "information", the more cadres "ask" the demand. On the basis of the "correlation information" and "ask", "nosy" can be divided into "a nosy" (information and directly related to cadres and cadres themselves, personally call the listener) and inquire about "agent" (with information related to cadres themselves, inconvenience directly to command generation confidant for inquiries, inquiries at this time is "nosy agent"). According to inquire about the "information" of the immediacy and importance, you can ask the package information is roughly divided into several categories. First, the selection and appointment of cadres information. The position or the official position of the leading cadres, the occupation career is the most important and the most direct benefit is the most valued and important cadres. The cadres in general or position "vacancy", "promotion", is expected to "around the" position of the competitors, there is "mood.according" and "nosy". Because of the "pull" cadre promotion mechanism, the main core of top leadership to become a "hunting", the "core" of the leadership, the master of "core" information. "Nosy" through a variety of "relationship": leadership or leadership or by himself, family members, or the leadership of the Secretary, or the leadership of the boss and friend asked, "who is a candidate, who has hope, who who is under" information. At the same time, due to the appointment of cadres sensitive problem, hoping to promote the cadres are often inconvenient to entrust others on behalf of asking, often very careful to personally ask and clear, is the first class package". Only to ask the "information" is accurate and reliable, the next step of the official positions, buying and selling "can also" accurate ": find what works? Who is looking for someone to be safe? What to send? How much to send? It is a "bag of" urgent information". This kind of bag asking who, although a handful of leading cadres, but it is the most common". The more important the competition is expected, the more competitors, the more the "bag", "bag" under the "Kung Fu" and "bet" the more. Of the party since eighteen, to increase the central cadre selection and appointment system reform and improvement, the program is also more and more fair and transparent, but mainly by the "top" in the cadre appointment system, in the China officialdom perplexing)相关的主题文章: