Philippines air force helicopter crashed into a rice field 4 people were injured – Sohu news

Philippines air force helicopter crashed in killing 4 people injured – Sohu news news agency in Manila on 8 November, (reporter Zhang Ming) Philippines air force helicopter crashed in the afternoon of 8 southern Philippines province of Palawan, a paddy field, killing 4 people injured. According to the Philippines police, 8 pm, a number of senior officials, including the Philippine police a total of 13 people aboard an air force W-3A "Sokol" helicopter patrol in the over Palawan provincial capital of Puerto Princesa City, to prepare for the upcoming local meeting of the ASEAN conference of chief justices. The helicopter crashed due to mechanical failure in a rice field, 4 people were injured and sent to hospital for treatment. Philippines’s military spokesman Doug Ting said Western command, the Philippine military headquarters in the west after the incident immediately dispatched rescue helicopter to rescue the wounded, 4 were injured, it is unclear the helicopter crash damage. The former president of Philippines President Aquino, the Philippines air force at a cost of 2 billion 800 million pesos ($66 million) order 8 new W-3A "Sokol" helicopters and ground support equipment to Poland, for the implementation of domestic security, terrorism, territorial defense missions. These helicopters in 2012 and 2013 have been delivered to the Philippine air force, one in August 2014, falling accident caused 2 people were injured, the Philippine air force was once the remaining 7 aircraft were grounded.相关的主题文章: