Pick a few backyard mushroom eating poisoned family 1 people dead and 3 people are still in danger – bleep

Pick a few backyard mushroom eating poisoned family 1 people dead and 3 people are still in danger – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Wang Yang) from the stack yard of wood production Jiduo mushrooms, Baoding city Qingyuan District Liu fried dish, but a family of four poison. To yesterday, Mr. Liu’s son died after being poisoned, Liu and his wife, mother, three people have not yet been out of danger, in hospital for treatment. Doctors advise, from the home of mushrooms are wild mushrooms, many varieties are highly toxic and difficult to distinguish, so please do not eat. Yesterday morning, Mr. Liu, Baoding District, Qingyuan, his wife and mother, lying in 307 Hospital, Beijing, plasma exchange and blood purification treatment. In the ICU ward, Liu’s wife’s brother-in-law Wang Wei scowled. According to him, his brother-in-law is Qingyuan District North Li Ge Zhuang villagers, boomer. The morning of August 19th, his brother-in-law found stacked wood yard, long Jiduo white mushroom hypertrophy. Local villagers generally believe that the mushrooms from the clean wood out of the home is non-toxic, and many people have been taken off before eating fried, also did not have anything. Therefore, his brother-in-law took several flower mushrooms down, noon fried dish. Lunch, eat fried mushroom up his wife her husband, 10 year old son to eat a lot. Because the mother go to the fields to work late, do not want to do a new, with Steamed Buns with the rest of the mushroom soup to eat. On the same day at 8 pm, after dinner Mr. Liu and his son were vomiting and diarrhea symptoms, the family was sent to the District People’s Hospital of Qingyuan. At first, the family also suspected of eating dinner pimple soup problems. When the doctor learned that Mr. Liu, who had eaten lunch from the yard to pick mushrooms, took a blood sample sent to the Agricultural University of Hebei hospital for toxicological testing. August 20th at 3 in the morning, Mr. Liu family got the inspection report, the results show that Mr. Liu and his son were found in the body of toxic peptide ingredients, basically identified as poisoning after eating poisonous mushrooms. At this time, Mr. Liu’s wife and mother, also appeared in a similar poisoning symptoms. On the morning of August 20th, because of serious illness, Mr. Liu to a hospital in Baoding shortly after, the doctor suggested that quickly turn to the better condition of Beijing Hospital detoxification. However, when ready to turn to Beijing Hospital, Mr. Liu’s son has two shock symptoms, the condition is extremely serious. After the initial rescue of the Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University, the ambulance transported Mr. Liu a family of four transferred to 307 Hospital of Beijing. But after 5 o’clock in the afternoon arrived in Beijing 307 Hospital, Mr. Liu’s son after the rescue effort to stop breathing heartbeat, never wake up. In order not to affect the treatment, the news of the death of the child’s family has been hiding from mr.. To yesterday, after more than three days of continuous plasma exchange, blood purification, Mr. Liu and his wife and his mother has been significantly reduced the degree of poisoning, but still not out of danger. Their liver, kidney and other organs were greatly damaged, varying degrees of liver and renal failure symptoms. Even if the toxins in the body of the mushroom is cleared, there may be liver and kidney necrosis and other worst results. The cost of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan a day treatment, but also began to make the family feel caught.相关的主题文章: