Prior to the international large non farm incoming fear detonated gold and silver rocket Quotes

Before international: fear of incoming rocket detonated non-agricultural market review [] gold and silver prices yesterday Baiyin strong shocks, to close small line, the highest 4064, the lowest 3990 oil fell sharply yesterday, closing short under the shadow line, the highest 2256, the lowest 2152 big payrolls data [about] the fundamentals of the night tonight will usher in a month at a time the much anticipated in oil prices plummeted, opened the prelude, the silver seems to be bottoming, payrolls will bring us what opportunities, the market price will be pushed to where? Here we do a brief analysis. First of all, from the four aspects of the current forecast of non-agricultural data. 1 from the prospective data ADP non farm small, 17.9, 17.5, 17.7 little change. Does not straddle bias, so this period of the non-agricultural without bias. 2 from the previous value of non-agricultural and predictive value, the former value of 25.5, analysts expected the statistical value of 18, lower than the previous value, so the value of the possibility of the release of the low. 3 from the historical data curve, the present value is near the boundary of the shock interval, easy to fall, so it is also possible to lower the possibility of large. 4 Silver and from the dollar trend forecast data, the dollar yesterday received big line before the high position, today the probability of decline, the silver is strong, so it is obvious that the low value of the possibility of publication tonight. To sum up, I predict a larger probability of non farm payrolls bad money, good silver probability. So if the evening data does Dumbledore silver, is a good opportunity, if the negative silver to be cautious, but not yet out of the obvious trend of silver, so although the bad words carefully but still do. [operation proposal] oil and gas trends, at any time to change the weak short thinking, reference location gasoline 2193, Qilu oil 2156 stop loss of 30 points, the target of 50 points. Silver concussion, non silver operation strategy: Data Dumbledore and silver, silver prices, silver is more direct. Data bearish silver, and silver prices, the direct short silver. And there is no relationship between the direction of oil, oil is in a short trend, so the operation of the oil is only in accordance with the preceding (for reference only for reference) [key data] 20:30 U.S. non farm payrolls and unemployment data相关的主题文章: