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Re China automotive quality network startup – escort to your car China automotive quality network (), by the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine supervisor, quality inspection organized China press agency, is the first official China automobile vertical website. After 6 months of careful preparation, in August 18, 2016 on-line re operation. China automotive quality network to build the General Administration, automotive consumers, automotive companies three party interoperability platform. Through the owners of complaints information, coordination of car prices after sales service department, the site for the first time to solve the problem of quality and service owners. The platform’s real and effective complaints, reported to the relevant departments of the State Administration for the implementation of the recall provisions of the General Administration, the car three packs to provide reliable basis. The content of the website to comply with "fair and open" principle, to quality and service as the core, set up a recall analysis, quality report and quality assessment models, industry dynamics, vehicle quality collection, complaint channel six plates, products include automotive industry, industry. Relying on the General Administration of the quality of automotive enterprise management information disclosure, to create an exclusive report authority. In order to meet the consumers of mobile phone reading habits, Chinese automotive quality network simultaneously launched mobile phone side "and the" APP "collection vehicle quality. On the website platform as the basis for the formation of "China automobile quality observation alliance", has established five committees: automotive quality management committee, the Committee of experts, automobile automobile enterprise quality management committee and the owners committee, car media elite committee. Invite the General Administration of automotive functional departments, experts in the field of automotive industry, automotive quality assurance department executives, automotive professional media. Welcome to understand the car, the car owners to join our "China automotive quality observation alliance". Through the website platform interconnection function, professional automotive editorial team to create authoritative news reports, dealing with owners demand, helping to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the owners, escort to your car! (vehicle quality collection APP two-dimensional code) (mobile phone two-dimensional code)相关的主题文章: