Rely on the system to the production capacity and space stellarium

To rely on the system capacity and the space to play Sina Finance opinion leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist He Rongliang in 2016 the central government has allocated a special prize for capital of 27 billion 600 million yuan, to promote the national capacity to work. But the current industry cyclical recovery, steel production began to increase, the real effective capacity to promote the work, should strengthen the institutional arrangement of prohibited steel products and the elimination of corporate environmental standards, legal capacity to build long-term stable environment. Rely on the system to the production capacity as well as to play a space in the central ten inspection teams under special supervision, the domestic work to accelerate the production capacity. In the iron and steel, by the end of August, 22 provinces and cities nationwide have been identified in 2016 to the iron and steel production target was 37 million 870 thousand tons and 72 million 70 thousand tons, has exceeded the overall goal of the national 45 million tons. In addition, in August from the domestic coal production capacity of up to 55 million tons, compared to seven months before the cumulative amount of 95 million tons, annual production capacity to complete the schedule in one fell swoop from the end of July 38% soared to 60%. There is a phenomenon worthy of attention, is the capacity to work, but in the trend growth of production. Since August, iron and steel, coal production began to rise, in August the national average daily production of 2 million 212 thousand tons of crude steel, compared with an increase of 2.6% in July. At the same time, coal prices have driven coal production increase, into September, the implementation of the 66 coal mine plans, with an average growth of 300 thousand tons. At present, the yield trend growth, mainly based on two reasons: one is the existence of a large number of discontinued zombie companies, provides a buffer space for local government capacity to work. According to the United Steel Research, the current capacity is invalid Yajian capacity, the invalid ironmaking production capacity of 18 million 920 thousand tons, accounting for 51.2%, invalid steelmaking capacity of 48 million 970 thousand tons, accounting for 70.6%. Specifically, the 12 provinces and cities are compressed steel production capacity is invalid, and the remaining 9 provinces only Hebei, Jiangsu, Shandong and Henan accounted for less than. Although the completion of the goal to worry about production capacity, but the elimination of idle production capacity does not hinder growth. Two commodity prices have been established, corporate activity increased. After a year of adjustment, the raw material market to pick up, steel, coal prices are now out of the quagmire of signs, in early September, the domestic steel prices at 2610 yuan per ton, up from the previous month, an increase of 28% over the beginning of the year. Over the same period, coal prices rose more fierce, the port of Qinhuangdao Bohai thermal coal price of 515 yuan per ton, up 17% over the previous month, up 40% over the beginning. In 2015, China Steel Association member of the total loss of 64 billion 534 million yuan, the loss of the whole industry background, in February this year, the Central Committee issued "on the steel industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development", proposed in 2016 to resolve the excess production capacity of 45 million tons of crude steel. But with the downstream demand has begun to repair recovery, industry profits rebounded, seven months ago, CISA member steel enterprises realized a total profit of 16 billion 348 million yuan, a turnaround. At present, the market situation is obvious相关的主题文章: