Right – shift knob Zotye T600 sport version listed t6570

Right – shift knob Zotye T600 sport version listed in October 23rd to "shift knob – turn around" as the theme of the Zotye T600 sport conference and listed manufacturers selling panic buying in Shenzhen Xing Chen, under the auspices of Yu Baoan Venus, Shajing Royal Hotel at the event will be released, the perfect curtain call. In recent years, the rapid growth of the domestic SUV market, the Thai T600 by virtue of its appearance and beautiful appearance, the size of the space is wide, rich and practical configuration, by virtue of the characteristics of higher and more favored by more and more consumers. From the excellent appearance, learn widely from others’strong points like Porsche BMW, Mercedes BMW interior design similar to intelligent control, to adjust the lotus excellent chassis control is almost full bright eyes guards, really thought Thai people ran out of "Hong Huangzhi" to the whole car repairer, configuration, development, control, science and technology, using the international first-class luxury car, a lot of projects in the domestic car it is used for the first time. Some netizens even use "the wheel of Porsche and Land Rover, BMW’s display control knob and iDrive intelligent control system, Benz infrared night vision, Audi color liquid crystal display screen and a panoramic sunroof" to describe is a grain of truth. Especially in the one hundred thousand SUV market, the user’s requirements for the quality of their products gradually increased, the Thai version of the T600 sports with quality, appearance and configuration is also a stand out of course. Scene:           after enjoying a lively dance, T600 sports version of the factory will be officially launched direct buying!         will not stop panic buying field awards surprises           people’s dream is the dream of auto, called under the State Council put forward increasing the variety, quality, provided a brand new era of "artisan spirit", Zotye auto always to customer demand as the starting point, down-to-earth for people to create high-quality automotive products. As a variety of Thai automotive products to upgrade the sincerity of the full range, the Thai version of the T600 sports is a worthy civilian owned civilian SUV. In October 23, 2016, the main dealer in Thailand – Shenzhen morning Hing 4S shop held by the Thai T600 sports version of the conference and the manufacturers limited sales to the successful conclusion! Congratulations Shenzhen morning 4S shop sales Changhong! Store address: Shenzhen Baoan District City manhole manhole Street Guangzhou Shenzhen highway (State Road 107) Bridge No. 250, Zotye auto 4S shop. Sales hotline 0755-29621909 music store address: Shenzhen city Longgang District Road No. 369 Tongle community, Zotye auto 4S shop. Sales hotline 0755-89612969相关的主题文章: