Shaoyang 4 thousand MLM major sentence involving more than 4000 yuan (video) 9c8836

Shaoyang 4 thousand MLM major sentence involving more than 4000 yuan original title: four thousand people sentenced 30 people jailed for marketing major, pull the head to sell products, "Wei Ling Jike mall" cheated more than 4000 yuan by pulling the head of dividends, online store cash, for two years, the development of nearly 4000 members, level 49, involving more than 4000 yuan. Recently, the Xinshao Shaoyang County People’s court sentenced the concern of the 30 organizations such as China, the leadership of pyramid schemes case. Xinshao County, where he returned to his hometown a few years ago, in the name of China Science and technology co.. He bought the engine to repair the protective agent, anhydrous cooling water and other automotive maintenance products and water purifier, and then sold at high prices. Amoy first pot of gold, he pulled a few accomplices, formulated the "norms" of the membership system, set up a website management, one of the guests to a large mall product, dedicated to new and old members of the registration level, offline relationships, sales profit, etc.. To entice more people to join, in January 2014, he founded China incite others to winin stores in Shaoyang City, vigorously promote the company’s products. At the same time, he was registered in Beijing, Beijing Wei Wei company, specializing in contact with a company in Zhejiang to buy car maintenance products. In the same year in October, Shaoyang Wei Ling company established in Xinshao. Wei Ling company announced that all enrollees must pass through the old member of the company, and buy the company thousands to several million different grades of car care products, in order to become a member of the corresponding star to five-star star, corresponding to different permissions, the profits are also different. Granville company provides for the development of their own downline, downline development of the downline belong to their downline, are managed by themselves, and the more layers and offline, the more profitable line members. In January 2015, he did not permit by the relevant departments in China, listed companies may not issue warrants as bait to lure more people to join the company and buy winin warrants, there are still many members did not get the pay option card. To the time of the incident, the participation of more than 3900 people engaged in pyramid selling activities, level 49, involving more than $4000. In May 20, 2015, the gang was caught by the police in Xinshao, the scene seized the organization to participate in the marketing staff of 104 people. Recently, the Xinshao County People’s Court on the case of the first instance verdict, he was guilty of organizing and leading pyramid selling activities, sentenced to nine years in prison and fined $eight hundred thousand. The other 29 defendants guilty of organizing and leading the crime pyramid schemes, were sentenced to one year to seven years and fined fifty thousand yuan to three hundred thousand yuan, to continue to recover the illegal income of all the accused has not yet recovered in place. (Sanxiang reporter Guo Chan correspondent Liu Min, Shu Ting) recommendation: Red Cross in the side to save video! Shaoyang 7 year old boy into the province of organ donors in相关的主题文章: