Shi Yuzhu transformation century cruise opened buy buy buy mode wetnwild

Shi Yuzhu transformation "century cruise" open "buy buy buy" model Shi Yuzhu Li Li after the return of A shares, the stock was staged 20 daily limit after the cut, how Shi Yuzhu in the A stock market continued to open new capital myth? More than three months of suspension of the giant network shell company, century Cruise (002558.SZ) before the date of the announcement that the issue of new shares to a consortium of 39.34 yuan per share, the acquisition of the core business casual social network games Israel Corp Playtika. The transaction price of about 30 billion 500 million yuan generous, suggesting that in the capital markets has been vigorous and resolute will Shi Yuzhu buy buy buy rhythm, laying a new future for the company. Although the capital market heady, giant network from the end of the tour to the Mobile Games transformation has once been quite difficult to. According to the "Chinese business newspaper" reporter from a person close to the giant network of exclusive, Shi Yuzhu has already started the actual transformation of the "century cruise": a part of the acquisition of Playtika is a giant attack in overseas markets, Internet games and Internet community service will no longer be not only to the giant network core business lines, Internet banking, internet medical related businesses are actively preparing, three lines of business will account for 1/3, constitute the future of the giant network. The rapid increase in investment in the end of the tour is still the main force in the industry, in the past three years, the giant in the process of transformation from the end of the tour to the chiefs Mobile Games is not so smooth, the business end of the tour "journey" series has been the survival of the capital. In June 2013, the first investment giant Mobile Games exposure, Emperor river network of Beijing Mobile Games development company by revenue giant. When the giant exposure of the hand travel strategy is to invest and self research two feet running. Giant network CEO Liu Wei also announced in the internal two business plan, the business will be promoted to a new strategic hand travel. In spite of this, a series of reforms and will not make snap to the giant Mobile Games business summit. But after Shi Yuzhu’s return, the situation began to subtly reverse. According to the new century cruise released third quarterly show, 1~9 months, the company achieved 1 billion 669 million yuan, an increase of 7.82%; net profit attributable to shareholders of 797 million yuan, an increase of 258.19%; among them, 7~9 months, the company achieved revenue of 619 million yuan, net profit of 297 million yuan, compared with growth of 28.64% and 40% respectively. The company will report period the growth performance is attributed to the "journey" and "mobile phone version of the ball big battle" new game on the line, at the same time, due to rising income; game promotion fees and one-time stock payment cost reduction, resulting in sales costs and management costs of the year decreased significantly. "Journey" mobile version, "ball ball battle" and other hand travel performance growth seems to reduce the pressure on the giants in old age. According to the reporter access to the giant open data found that despite the current dependence of the giant network of a single product is reduced, there is no contribution to the proportion of a product revenue accounted for more than 30%. But from the company’s main revenue structure, the end of the tour still occupy the core position. Semi annual report shows that in the first half of the company’s revenue of 697 million yuan tour is still more than $318 million hand travel revenue of more than $two. But in the growth trend.相关的主题文章: