Sling-back blowing whirlwind is elegant, this season is the most universal single product (video) remonstrate

Sling-back blowing whirlwind is elegant, this season is the most universal single product Sling-back, from last winter to fire now. Have not had it, outdated? Of course not, so classic shoes, when it is not too late! London Fashion Week Spring 2017: what other J.W.Anderson sexy personality Street weapon can not go wrong a pair of shoes, you want retro, elegant and chic it can show you what is Slingback? Sling-back, between the high-heeled sandals and shoes, the heel strap design is hollowed out, you can simply call it slingbacks is also true. Why is this storm is blowing the fragrant milk, because the gas back in 1957, Ms. Coco, in CHANEL, the first black camel spliced double color shoes on the basis of the design of this lotion, heel. 5cm elegant heel height, the liberation of women’s feet, without losing the nature of grace. This has become a classic moment in the history of CHANEL design. 1957 CHANEL ladies, dressed in sling-back elegant and modern. To the autumn and winter of last year, CHANEL sling-back once again become the leading actor on the show, shine, in recent years is the most acclaimed single product CHANEL. All forward-looking bloggers to join. Fashion blogger Leandra Medine using the double sling-back frequency is very high, she is petite, skirt collocation with Sling – back, the almost unlimited elongated legs. A pair of elegant pair of elegant shoes, and jeans are also unlimited ah! This is your best reference to the advanced collocation in autumn and winter. Many brands are inspired from sling-back! Tip, or flat, with the more CHANEL sling-back storm blowing, of course there are many followers. Slingback prototype is to sign, and the small toe. But after the storm, many brands have also been improved to sling back, with a fine pointed to! But this has been Li style monster Emmanuelle Alt, also love to use sling back to other pointed black pointed sling-back, compared to the Chanel with a little more handsome, PRAD, Alexander, Wang, Jimmy Choo PRADA sling-back440 Jimmy has a $Choo $sling-back395 GUCCI is a small square, but on the heel change GUCCI sling-back $570 in addition to the big, there are more choices from the evaluation in addition to some big, from the beginning of the two quarter have launched sling-back, many high street brands have launched even parity, this type of shoes. Summer to autumn season, must have a pair of shoes!相关的主题文章: