Smart appliances popular consumer appliances tend to the high-end segment

Smart appliances popular consumer appliances tend to high-end segment dishwashers, dryers, air purifiers, beauty instrument, sweeping robot, juice machine, broken machines…… In recent years, the tide of household appliances consumption is gradually spread to the field of small household electrical appliances, more and more high-end, intelligent, health appliances began to enter the homes of ordinary people. Adapt to 80, 90 and other new generation of consumer demand changes, home appliance manufacturers are accelerating the transfer of positions. In September 14th, Haier group and one of the world’s largest Jahwa company Reckitt group announced a strategic cooperation, open up Chinese dishwasher market. And last month, millet has just released the first sweeping robot. New consumer groups bring new consumption structure. With the advent of a comprehensive upgrade of consumption and intelligence, to meet the quality, health, green consumption of small household appliances and smart appliances interconnection of all things will become the main battlefield of the industry competition. "The big four" home appliance saturation, small household electrical appliances A new force suddenly rises. over the past 30 years, with color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine four pieces mainly in the development of Chinese family appliance popularization, the achievements of the global rise of China appliance manufacturers. With the saturation of the market and changes in consumer habits, improve and improve the quality of life of the "non essential" small household electrical appliances began to be popular. Aimed at the new appliance category market segments, new applications emerging, high-end, intelligent, healthy product market share continues to improve, becoming the main driving force for the growth of the home appliance market. Health is a popular type of small appliances. Juicer, juice machine, broken machines, grinding machines, really Soybean Milk alcohol pulp machine, electric cooker, toaster, electric oven…… Kitchen cookware is not only a wide variety, but also increased the number of intelligent and fashion factors. Behind the appliance in function retrofit, is the pursuit of health, fine, diverse diet. The two is "lazy" economy first, accelerate the upgrading of small kitchen appliances. With the growth of the new generation of consumer groups, more emphasis on the value of time. The dishwasher, sweeping robot, cooking machine, new products such as hands free also started to enter the market China. In the dishwasher, for example, at present, the domestic dishwasher penetration rate of only 1%, the penetration rate of developed countries in Europe and America is 60%-70%. According to the brokerage research report analysis, with a substantial improvement in product features, consumer awareness gradually deepened, many companies have introduced new products, the Chinese dishwasher market is about to erupt. According to estimates, the next 5 years the dishwasher industry CAGR is expected to reach 59.5%, after 5 years to achieve annual sales of more than 2 million, is expected to become the standard kitchen. Today, Haier, Midea, Vatti, boss and other domestic manufacturers have introduced dishwasher products. Three is a kind of beauty fitness appliances gradually accepted by the public. In recent years, "Yan economic value" on the upgrade, cleansing instrument, beauty instrument, facial massage, liposuction machine, eyelash curler and other beauty small appliances will be selling sea Amoy purchasing circle, frequently hit the nanotechnology and ion technology, pulse technology and other high-tech brand. According to the China beauty care market depth research and investment prospects research report shows that China’s current demand for personal beauty has exceeded Japan and South Korea, ranking first in asia. As China’s population, demand, according to the per capita demand, China’s beauty care market is also 15-18 times the growth of empty.相关的主题文章: