Stop the doomsday near the Beijing mobile phone board 20 thousand people daily – Beijing

Stop the "doomsday" near the Beijing mobile phone board 20 thousand people daily – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhao Yingying) from the October 15th "doomsday" stop getting closer, mobile phone board also entered the final battle". Reporters learned from the morning of Beijing mobile, mobile phone number in recent days, the enthusiasm of the old man climbed up, the average daily amount of up to 20 thousand. In July this year, Beijing mobile, Beijing Unicom and Beijing Telecom jointly issued three "on the further implementation of the true identity of the phone user information registration requirements of the notice" to inform, not registered old user identity information or identity information registration is not complete, the need to fill the registration, to October 15, 2016 has not been the real name of the customer will be suspended in accordance with the law of communication service. According to the introduction of the three operators, these are not the real name of the phone number, one is no real name registration of the naked number, one is not the number of information. Subsequently, the Beijing region to start a large density of reminders. However, early warning, the real name of the situation is not ideal. In accordance with the feedback of the operator, as of early September, Beijing mobile up only 10% of the proportion of the total number of users, there are still not yet the real name of the user has not registered real name about 1000000. Beijing Unicom has added nearly 220 thousand users, did not apply for the registration of non real name users about 800 thousand. Beijing Telecom, after the completion of the reminder to fill the user less than 10%, the number of users is not the real name is still about 350 thousand. "Know a part of mobile phone users for the importance of the real name registration is not in place, not mobile phone number real name registration and counter-terrorism related fraud; some mobile phone users also to move down the sidelines, that is still far from October 15th, do not rush to complete the registration." Beijing mobile stakeholders told reporters, with the operator repeatedly stressed that the enthusiasm of the old users to fill the registration has been improved in recent days, the recent daily average amount of Beijing mobile real name can reach 20 thousand. We also remind the real name has not yet been added to the board of the old users, pay close attention to the formalities." The reporter learned that, until the October 15th "doomsday", the three operators under the line of its own business offices and online business registration service provides real name up. In addition, such as Beijing mobile, but also provides mobile phone business hall, WeChat public numbers and other self-help real name registration. Beijing Mobile said that since October 15th, not the real name number will be shut down in accordance with the law, once the shutdown, the customer can only be in the business office for registration and registration procedures, can no longer be registered through the self-service channel. Beijing Unicom said that since October 15th, did not put up the number will be one-way stop, limit expired, before November 30th to still fails to fill the registration of users to implement two-way stop.相关的主题文章: