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Jin Geyu: 9.6 silver bulls rapid as tiger Russia jointly delivered smokescreen also difficult to hold crude oil rally Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Yudeshui dies, forgetting between water birds, wind fly, but I do not know the wind. Saudi Arabia, Russia to make a news production freeze, oil prices have surged over 4[[%]], and the excess supply of crude oil is a head-on blow spell "V", staged deep inversion. The United States returned from the labor holidays, strong sentiment will make the market sentiment will increase volatility. The problem of excess supply of crude oil is always the biggest obstacle to oil prices, a gap in Iran is frozen production negotiations, after the defeat of Doha is the best evidence. At present, we need to focus on the relevant aspects of this message, do a good job of risk prevention and control. The fundamentals of yesterday’s ADP employment data in the United States is better than expected, this has to a certain extent, indicates that in the non-agricultural great possibility is also good, so commodities Pudie, larger than expected subsequent U.S. EIA crude oil inventories, which led to the market expectations of the original oil demand weakened, crude oil fell, the fundamentals today is equally important, the United States ISM manufacturing index can be focused on late 22:00. Daily market analysis public concern * * *. [suggestion] the silver Market Outlook Analysis and relative strength of silver weekly, Friday in Zhongyang under the guidance of the daily head of non-agricultural income line, so Monday no callback, hourly rise in volatility, the range is small but continuity can also be the beginning of the week and after the silver synchronous call, the relative performance of gold may have a strong point, is now the silver drive gold, gold behind the 1330 after the break will see the outbreak, the daily 19.3 yesterday there is a small step back to action today to focus on this point, more than 19.5 of the price down, now is just the downward trend line, gold Geyu Quzhou rating also said at the beginning of the week rose silver how to see the 19.8-20 area, so now there is room for growth, and gold has not broken 1330, then continue to call, unchanged, to 20 area to consider short. The operation of gold Geyu curve suggest that low main WeChat * *. Silver operational recommendations: more than 19.4 silver stop 19.2 target 19.8-20 whether the market soared or Yindie, excessive self-confidence or inferiority will become profitable barriers, large market hold the future and never mind, a greater market waiting for you, but afraid of no stop carrying single, recently stepped down to become the don’t put the hotbed. Other obstacles of small things, lies within us. Opportunities such as water, no place can not flow, such as the moon, there are gaps can be stored. Carrying a single process is like peeling onions, then you will be in tears, can not overwhelm everything, but you can not be overwhelmed by all. Also, some people are not accustomed to stop loss, before admission to stop the loss of admission at the same time to follow up, rather than the first stop after admission or even stop loss, unless you have sufficient theory相关的主题文章: