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Survey: Hongkong is the family business investment in the Asia Pacific region better – Beijing, Beijing, November 15, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, the U.S. presidential election on the eve of the rich are taking a wait-and-see attitude to hold more cash. UBS wealth management Greater China, said Lu Caiyun, director of the general election before the allocation of customer cash ratio of 15% to 18%, higher than the global average of about $8% in cash allocation. And after Trump was elected, she expects enterprise medical, financial and commodity, driven by domestic demand would be bullish for export shares will be bearish. UBS and family wealth management consulting firm Campden Wealth Research published the global family office research report, analysis of the family office asset allocation and investment performance. The family office is mainly for the family has a huge wealth of private office, responsible for the family’s asset investment and heritage management. Last year, the family office portfolio performance in general, the rate of return is only zero, but the Hongkong family office performance is far better than in other family office, last year’s portfolio performance returns for 0.8%, mainly due to a greater emphasis on real estate and stock investment in developed markets. To the beginning of the year so far, Asia Pacific family office investment performance to resume its rally, portfolio returns up to 3.9%. Asia Pacific Family Office portfolio is generally relatively high proportion of venture capital funds, private equity and joint investment, accounting for 23% of the total investment portfolio, Hongkong was $16%, compared to other regions accounted for the proportion of 14%. In addition, the report also pointed out that the 59% Asia Pacific Family Office prospects for the next 10 years will be transferred wealth, while the next 15 years will be considered to transfer wealth. UBS expects real estate revenue and capital growth ideal, is expected to continue to bring considerable long-term real returns for investors, I believe the real estate will continue to be a major investment in the family office portfolio. This year, the global politics of two events have been described as the black swan event, one British referendum, Trump was elected president of the United States in two, asked whether the family office investment strategy has changed dramatically. UBS wealth management office director of Enrico global family of Mattoli said the family office is a long-term investment, the British "Europe off" after the referendum, many customers increased interest in the British real estate investment, especially investment in London, London to continue to invest in office location quality, the related assets return on investment is 4% to 5%, long-term returns can be as high as 5% to 8.5%.相关的主题文章: