Suzhou toilet is now the first third bathrooms with central air conditioning hot water for 24 hours

Suzhou is the first public toilets third bathroom with central air-conditioning hot water 24 hours of public toilets in Suzhou is now the first third toilet toilets in Suzhou is now the first third toilets public toilets in Suzhou is now the first third toilets public toilets in Suzhou is now the first third toilets public toilets in Suzhou is now the first third toilets public toilets in Suzhou is now the first third room "is the first public toilets in Suzhou the" third room "Yangzi Evening News Network September 23rd news (Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Birongwen photo) central air conditioning, 24 hours hot water, fresh air system…… To see such a configuration, many people think of the first high-end real estate advertising, and now such a top configuration appears in public toilets, people feel very fresh. A public toilet is located in the Suzhou District of Suzhou station south gate terminal have just completed, it attracted a lot of people watching praise. In addition to a variety of high-end configuration, the toilets also set up a "third innovative bathroom", a variety of user-friendly facilities for children to parents no longer embarrassed. 23 morning, the reporter found that trying to run a public toilet, Qiaojiao eaves, fenqiangdaiwa, antique windows, antique architectural style in the mountains of trees, and a moat around the ancient city fitness trail. Into an automatic glass door, greeted the vending machine paper hanging on the wall, so did not take toilet paper to the public more convenient, the walls and the ground are laying a new tile, make people feel a new and clean. The wall also installed a surveillance camera, camera for the door, so that can guarantee to the safety of the public toilet. In the top of the surveillance camera, the installation of a central air outlet, the public into the public toilet, they can feel the temperature changes. In addition to men’s restroom and Women’s Room, it also set up third innovative public toilets toilet, the toilet for the disabled is different from the previous, third bathroom facilities more humane, except for the disabled toilet, wash basin, also acquired the disabled and children shared the urinal, baby units, baby safety the toilet seat, children and children wash basin. The reporters found that the central air-conditioning are equipped with each toilet, each bathroom is equipped with drying machine, hand washing pool provide 24 hours of hot water, and the smell of the toilet inside the negative pressure air system for processing, so that the public can breathe fresh air in the bathroom. Public Liu aunt after experiencing this toilet, told reporters: "the toilet facilities are too advanced, and I feel very tall on the ah! And before the public toilet is simply immeasurably, not only clean and humane, to enjoy the toilet here." According to the chief of Suzhou city sanitation department technology development department assistant Huang Rong introduction, the public construction area of about 90 square meters, rebuilt from the beginning of August this year, the installation of central air conditioning, water heater, air system, toilet renovation project price is 420 thousand yuan, plus the central air conditioning and negative pressure air system a total cost of 500 thousand yuan about. Public toilets in the central air conditioning will refer to the bus mode, a year to open the air conditioning for 8 months, a day to open about 10 hours, which is conducive to saving the economy of 7相关的主题文章: