Sylar left VG to join EHOME team old two brothers back splitit

Sylar left VG to join EHOME team old two brothers back from the beginning of 4, the official website of the DOTA2 occupation Corps signed into the team, with the constantly updated list of all kinds of speculation, the transfer period has gradually surfaced. Today, according to the official website of the list shows, Sylar joined EHOME, old old eLeVeN and old chicken brothers have been back. Sylar is Chinese after top three C C era players, once won the TI4 international tournament runner up, in addition to praise ‘speed, hand skills is the numerous game player who gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Look forward to Sylar’s outstanding performance in EHOME! EHOME before the C player iceiceice has a few days ago announced a new team of their own, three Black^, Jabz, xy- and ice, NutZ set up a column named Faceless international. Three ice at Chinese, depend on him in the three position strong style and his funny character than attracted many game player favorite. After coming to EHOME, because the position of team conflict, three ice gave up his most familiar number three to number one, but good players can always play any position, three ice play in GPM TI6 as high as 650, ranking first in all the contestants, he proved his strength with achievement, in EHOME generally are not optimistic about the situation led EHOME won the TI6 fifth, to produce a satisfactory answer. Here, we thank the three ice for the EHOME during the EHOME achievement and honor, also wish the three ice in the next occupation career in writing a new legend! Next we will bring more information about the EHOME transfer for everyone, please pay attention to our official WeChat and micro-blog "EHOME electronic sports club", also thank our fans for the support of game player EHOME as in the past. (EHOME official)相关的主题文章: