Taiwan Golden Horse Awards Feng Xiaogang Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Lian Zhuang double winner Beijing boee

Taiwan Golden Horse Awards: Feng Xiaogang Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun Lian Zhuang double winner Beijing Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun double winner announced last night of the fifty-third annual Taiwan Film Awards, the film’s splendor. Last year with "old gun" in the "six," a cross angle win the Golden Horse winner Feng Xiaogang, this year with a circular frame of the "I am not Pan Jinlian" won the Golden Horse Award for best director in the line of work; Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou because of the movie "in July and still" interpretation of "soul mate", both won a golden horse; played a lifetime leaves the old play bone with Wei Fan according to the works of Lao She adapted "no problem" was first crowned Golden Horse winner; best film award is awarded to the mainland youth director Zhang Dalei shot in black and white images of the "August". On the mainland film, the Golden Horse Awards like "I am not Pan Jinlian" the circular frame, and as Ma Sichun’s acceptance speech said: "this is our most successful outcome!" "Six," even the village last night’s ceremony tepid until after the half, suddenly began to surprise. The Golden Horse Award to Lian Zhuang is very difficult, even the village is even more difficult to cross awards, but "six God" Feng Xiaogang do. Last year, Feng Xiaogang with a shape in Guan Hu’s "old gun" in six, a corner, cross was closed the golden horse winner. This year Feng Xiaogang played with a circular frame of the "I am not Pan Jinlian" and Li Xuelian Fan Bingbing battles the Golden Horse Award, even cross Lian Zhuang Golden Horse award. Xu Anhua led the Golden Horse Award Jury will be the "Best Director Award" awarded to Feng Xiaogang. After the winners announced, Feng Xiaogang and Fan Bingbing hug after Fan Bingbing came to accept the award, the audience is in tears. His acceptance speech, Feng Xiaogang once again referred to the "I am not Pan Jinlian" unique circular frame — "the stage is round, like the movie (circular frame), thank you for the stage designer. We thank Liu Zhenyun for the direction, thanks to Bing Bing, a star for art films, basic. I also hope that the actress can encourage her to encourage more stars to help the director platform, so that the audience into the theater to see the film. Thanks to photographer Luo Pan, all the people against the situation, only the photographer on my side, and studied a set of shooting method…… Thanks to the more than and 20 actors wonderful performances, thanks to the Golden Horse Awards and judges, once again confirms that I shot is right." Feng Xiaogang had told the judges do not give Xu Fan the Golden Horse Award winner (the "Tangshan earthquake") had discontent, but this time Feng Xiaogang said, thanks to the Golden Horse Awards in mind, really let me see justice. He said to Fan Bingbing, "if you don’t play well, I won’t win. After the Wei Fan seal emperor Feng Xiaogang won the best director award, and awarded the Golden Horse winner (best actor), an actor fell again. Speech of a lifetime of leaves with Wei Fan, according to the film adaptation of the works of Lao She "no problem" was the first letter of the golden horse winner. Wei Fan called himself through unremitting efforts finally got the Golden Horse Award recognition, it is hilarious shows between the lines. It is worth mentioning that Wei Fan also starred in the Feng Xiaogang winning film, "I am not a" in the相关的主题文章: