Taiwan model like angelababy call her boyfriend was a neighbor saw (video) winavi

Taiwan model like Angelababy call her boyfriend by the neighbor, Jerry Yan Zhang Dongqing caught a small Angelababy looks like Angelababy Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, Noemi Zhang Dongqing played the bride "return home" in Vietnam, many viewers impressed her own because there are Vietnamese, three-dimensional facial features, deep eyes called "small Angelababy". In addition to her work in the theatre, the past is also widely known with Jerry Yan the scandal, was called "new Jerry Yan", but she said 2 people are friends, even bluntly: "I think he doesn’t like me!" 3 years ago Zhang Dongqing and Jerry Yan sang KTV because of sex scandal, now hear the other name immediately like electric shock like to disassociate themselves, said the two sides through a friend, just the day with a group of friends drink only, still keep in touch, can not avoid meeting. As for whether there is any possibility of development, she said, "I don’t think he can see me". In addition, Zhang Dongqing revealed in this part of their past feelings, bad temper is like sassy girl, who had been caught neighbors call her boyfriend, but her ex boyfriend is highly tolerant to endure, but she stressed that now they have grown up, a lot of temper convergence. Beauty Zhang Dongqing winter solstice dessert FHM相关的主题文章: