Talking about the 92 consensus SEF correspondence media refers to NPC and CPPCC difficult to restore huangshexiaoshuo

Talking about the "92 consensus" SEF correspondence media refers to NPC and CPPCC negotiation difficult to restore the Beijing – China News Agency, Taipei in September 13, Taiwan 12, ARATS SEF correspondence and inform the personnel changes, said hope as soon as possible to communicate between both sides of the Straits negotiations. More than 13 Taiwan media pointed out that the correspondence talking about the "92 consensus", NPC and CPPCC negotiate hard to recover. "United Daily News" analysis that the SEF correspondence not only did not mention the "92 consensus", even the leader of the Taiwan authorities Cai Yingwen "5? 20" inaugural address "respect 92 talks of historical facts" also did not mention, is a step back. The article points out, talking about the correspondence operation to be both banks institution consultation mechanism is the political foundation, looks like a hollowed out keyword is not smooth statement, "this is to let the other side of the river feel good or cold?" "Chinese times" quoted the Nanjing University director of the Institute of Taiwan Studies Liu Xiangping’s view that the SEF correspondence untouched in the connotation, the future I am afraid it is difficult to make a breakthrough in cross-strait exchanges. Liu Xiangping believes that the correspondence expression of Oida Hiroshige than Cai Yingwen "5? 20" speech is backward, the continental rise is very difficult to accept, the NPC and CPPCC high-level talks impossible; unless the Taiwan authorities authorized recognized the "92 consensus" in connotation, otherwise than as the former to Tian pacmos SEF chairman Lin Zhongsen "landing" of the idea. Just a dream. "Wang Bao" reported the same day that it is not the key of cross-strait negotiation can restart the correspondence NPC and CPPCC referred to the "92 consensus", rather than make other expressions for the "92 consensus" core spirit, this new Taiwan authorities have no sincerity to resolve cross-Strait issues, Beijing will not accept the foreseeable. The article thinks that the negotiation will be more elusive, NPC and CPPCC restoration of cross-strait cold confrontation will continue. "Wang reported" another article quoted professor Pang Jianguo "," China study of Taiwan Culture University said, from Da Hiroshige’s speech and the SEF correspondence shows that Tian did not get pacmos the DPP authorities fully authorized, the future functional SEF will shrink, will not be able to play its due role in cross-strait relations. (end)相关的主题文章: