The 25 sentence, find out the situation of children in school lara fabian

The 25 sentence, find out the child in the school the child in the school all day, in the end how? You might just say, "how about school?" And the children, "said most unfailingly, can also be very good, can the amount of information is too low? Here to teach you 25 words, you must put the child in the school life felt behind the door. 1 what’s the most interesting thing happened in school today? What’s the worst thing that happened today? 2 what makes you laugh today? 3 if you can choose, who would you like to sit with? Who does not want to sit with, why? 4 what’s the coolest thing about school? 5 tell me about the strange things you heard today. 6 what do you think TA will tell me if I call the teacher? 7 who did you help today? 8 who helped you today? 9 tell me what you learned today? 10 what is the happiest thing today? 11 is there any particular time? 12 if aliens came to your class with a spaceship, who would you like to take away? 13 who do you like to play with? 14 what is the teacher’s pet phrase? 15 what do you think you should learn in school? 16 what do you think is the last thing you should learn in school? 17 which one do you think is better for your classmates? 18 What do you usually do when you have a rest? Who is the funniest student in class 19? Why? 20 what kind of lunch do you like best? 21 what would you do if you were a teacher? 22 If you can exchange with other students in the class, who would you choose? Why? 23 which class do you like best? 24 do you have lunch with your classmates? What did you eat? 25 today, who has been punished by the teacher? See the tips? Ask specific questions, than to ask every day, how the school will be better. And some imaginative questions, will let you unexpected harvest. For example, who would like to take the aliens away, you can know who they do not like, and then continue to discuss why, what happened to make him feel this way. Ask them if they are bored, it may make the child feel that parents understand them, but also know they do not like the subject or course.相关的主题文章: