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The appearance of intoxicating! Hammer Smartisan  T3 renderings exposure –IT– original title: charming appearance! Hammer Smartisan T3 renderings exposure hammer technology Shanghai new conference is approaching, and then the Ministry has done a warm man to the Smartisan T3 photos to the exposure. Now, there are users according to the Ministry of the photos produced a hammer Smartisan T3 rendering, which looks more and more like iPhone. Hammer Smartisan T3 renderings exposure (pictures from cnBeta) from the picture, Smartisan T3 uses hammer circular physical Home button has been sitting, as for the specific function of the Home key is not known. After the shell design with iPhone 3GS somewhat similar, is what material, it is not clear. But from the Ministry of the photos, the greater the possibility of plastic.     hammer Smartisan T3 renderings exposure (pictures from cnBeta) from earlier news, the Ministry has announced the SM901 and SM919 two new machine hammer type, so you can confirm this is a hammer take two flagship strategy. The hammer SM901 and SM919 two new machine, the size is respectively 5.15 and 5.7 inches, using 1080p HD screen or 2K screen, and is equipped with 820 Xiaolong Xiaolong 823 processor, memory is 4GB and 6GB two RAM in size, and even the battery capacity is 3500mAh and 4500mAh two configuration. Hammer T3 will also be equipped with a 16 million pixel camera OV, and will be optimized for a year after Fujitsu camera, the phone is equipped with a LED prompt on the back. At the same time also heard the hammer T3 in the shape of a design will be innovative, not only the ultra narrow frame design, but the biggest feature is the front of the lens module to be integrated and customized distance sensors, the three major components of the receiver. (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: