The children’s park closed no refunds called detained due to a contract dispute in Beijing – capital

The children’s Park were closed due to a contract dispute that no refund money is seized Beijing citizens Ms. Tao yesterday reflected, in August 1st to spend 2300 yuan for children in Shijingshan Wanda odd droll theme park for children to do on the card on the end of the month, the park closed due to site contract, Ms. Tao and the consumer refund request by the shop delayed. The day before the business sector has been involved in the negotiations, but the shop with field place contract dispute seized funds on the grounds, said recently can not refund. Beijing’s lawyer Li Yinghua said, this belongs to a unilateral breach of contract, if consumers want to refund can be sued directly. First, if it is a formal process, children’s paradise should provide consumers with formal contracts, invoices. Now the shop unilateral breach of contract, the contract did not properly fulfill it, consumers have the right to terminate the contract in advance". Li Yinghua lawyer said, children’s Park should not be a problem with the grounds of the local contract, delay the refund time to consumers. Even if there is a dispute with the local children’s paradise, it is another contract, which is different from the consumer service contracts are two different legal relationships". 2300 yuan do card only 1 months Ms. Tao told the Beijing Morning Post reporter, August 1st for children in Shijingshan Wanda Plaza, 3 floor cheer children theme park for a year, spent 2300 yuan, in August 27th that the store due to the expiry of the lease contract with the Wanda Plaza, will be closed in August 30th. On the same day, the clerk told me that the company will return in 1 months, but also the balance of the card, but the specific time, amount, then did not say clearly". According to Ms. Tao recalled, although to do a year card, but at that time the children’s Park just registered cardholder information, in addition to his own credit card receipt, and did not receive any receipts for the shop to provide. Reporters yesterday arrived in Shijingshan Wanda Plaza, 3 floor, found the mall guide card "odd fun Children theme park" label is not removed, the theme park has closed the door. Reporters saw a lot of parents with children posted in front of the closure of a short stop before the announcement, eventually disappointed to leave. A week before the business is still in the sale of cards Ms. Tao said, Shijingshan Branch Trade and Industry Administration in September 14th Lugu has contacted the children’s Park and part of the consumer consultation. The shop made to store consumer advice, business people said if consumers do not want to consume, the shop must refund, but the shop has been to Wanda Plaza with a contract dispute, funds were seized by said recently, not a refund, the refund if you need to wait until December. The reporter repeatedly call the children’s paradise and Paradise Wanda shop manager responsible for the phone, no answer. Wanda Plaza, the staff told reporters that the odd droll children theme park and Wanda does not exist any dispute, only is not to renew the contract expires. The staff said that half a month before the contract expires, Wanda has been reminded of the children’s paradise posted public notice, and stop selling cards to consumers. But according to our records found that until August 28th, they are still to the consumer card". Beijing morning news reporter Tian Jiexiong live clues相关的主题文章: