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The dazzle: Jiang Jieshi’s "liberal autocracy" why go to the extremity of the ruler [Abstract] enlightened despotism quality requirements is very high. Not to say that the basis of the rule of the Han Dynasty, knowledge background and character training can achieve the requirements of enlightened despotism, only on its political ability to speak, let people doubt. As in the complex affairs caused by man, Jiang Jingchang get confused. Figure: Jiang Jieshi on the podium to speak in the Indian military exercises the | ecliptic Hyun (China Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of Modern History) late in the war, the Kuomintang is corrupt. Personnel selection of road congestion, authorities at all levels of officials to amass more personnel than work available. The KMT is facing a serious crisis. Enlightened autocracy lacks the effective supervision mechanism to encourage the development of talents and supervise the behavior of officials. After the establishment of the Nanjing government, the Kuomintang according to Sun Zhongshan formulated military and political tutelage, the three program, the long-term implementation of the political tutelage, namely the party rule, the Kuomintang party, various oversight bodies useless. Officials to enhance the name by organizing the layers of selection, but do not have an open and fair competition mechanism, complete with their superior actual preferences as the standard, the inevitable formation of "ability often ups and downs in the rise of underling, without hope,…… The soldiers were put to death because of corruption, a considerable number of civil servants, and later still not afraid to repeat "(" wartime diary "Ho Cheng Chun general situation). At that time, the Kuomintang party government on Shandong a summary report, vividly describes the ugly image of Shandong local senior officials, is the true portrayal of the actual national government district official: "the lack of leadership and no real belief, the lower early has lost the role of leadership; responsible for the county people appointed more whether to support its person, whether he is close to standard, not the ability to lead the county and faith as the standard. Even to have the ability to have faith of the county Party Secretary to be jealous of, no reason to replace. For forwarding the lower party funding, not timely forwarding, or to seek personal gain, or for the needs of their personal extravagance." Corruption is the national government to witness the most obvious corruption. Early in the last century at the end of 30s, the phenomenon of corruption and degeneration in government is rampant, according to a 1939 report juntong Chongqing SAR, corruption criminals they secretly seized including transportation minister Zhang Jia, Chongqing garrison commander Liu Zhi, twenty-nine army, Twentieth army commander Wang Zuanxu and President Liu Wenhui of Xikang province. Late in the war, the authority corruption at all levels meet the eye everywhere, Kong Xiangxi and other high-ranking officials from the central government to the local neighborhood, there are different degrees of abuse of power, self and waste behavior. At that time, Chongqing city officials and the size of the wind, as Jiang Jieshi himself describes: "the carriages and horses filled in a different wine Liao, Qu Chi in the city…… In the general society, the high price of bitter party, my party and staff is not a pity to live in extreme luxury." In this case, has been several published cases, such as gold prices, high Bingfang leak case case, Zhu Xinong case, although these cases are not necessarily true in politics was the most serious, but still has certain representativeness. Yellow.相关的主题文章: