The door was locked, 9 sets of real estate are not in the name of Baoqiang Wang must be a child sexinse

The door was locked, 9 sets of real estate are not in the name of Baoqiang Wang: children must Baoqiang Wang recently and Guoping coach Liu Guoliang et al photo (photo Baoqiang Wang friends) original title: Baoqiang Wang divorce again broke the news: the resident houses were safe, 9 sets of real estate are not in the name of the baby said: children must! Baoqiang Wang divorce case of silence for nearly a week, the media have recently found his real estate in the United States, located on the mountain side of the sea side of the United South California area, but the current real estate deal has yet to have any idea. Homicide No. 37 to inquire into the news, although the baby sitting on 9 sets of real estate, but were not registered in his personal name…… In addition, Baoqiang Wang divorce case or will not be a public trial, and Baoqiang Wang himself is most concerned about the child’s custody. Whether the public trial court opinions while Baoqiang Wang divorce case has not yet determined the specific date of the hearing, homicide No. 37 court was informed that the day before to solicit the opinions of both parties, to determine whether a public hearing the case. In accordance with the "Civil Procedure Law" 134th "people’s court hearing civil cases, in addition to involving state secrets, personal privacy or otherwise provided for by law, should be carried out in public. In case of a divorce case or a case involving trade secrets, if the party concerned fails to apply for a public hearing, the case may not be heard in public." That is to say, not a public hearing of the case is not a public hearing in accordance with the application of the legal and not a public hearing, involving state secrets and personal privacy is not a public hearing legal category; divorce cases according to the application of the parties can not be heard in public. These days, the court for trial of the case whether the public opinion to Baoqiang Wang, according to homicide news No. 37 the divorce case trial, Baoqiang Wang did not apply for a public hearing is not the case, which means that everything is in accordance with the law, but Baoqiang Wang said, to minimize the impact on children. However, whether or not a public hearing, the "Civil Procedure Law" stipulates that: "the people’s Court of public hearing or not to hear the case, will be publicly declared." So, please wait and see the results. Baby care most sued for divorce after the half custody in August, network news headlines belong to divorce Baoqiang Wang: in August 14th, Baoqiang Wang issued a statement claiming that his wife Ma Rong derailed, the morning of August 15th, accompanied by Baoqiang Wang Zhang Qihuai’s lawyers to the Beijing Chaoyang Court, sued for divorce. In August 16th, Ma Rong Baoqiang Wang sued the infringement of the right of reputation, in August 17th Baoqiang Wang former agent, Ma Rong Song Zhe, his wife Yang Hui was derailed object to the Chaoyang Court sued for divorce, and apply to the court for the preservation of the property 2 million 240 thousand yuan. Then according to the Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong Baoqiang Wang disclosure, six bank accounts of the property most turn away, leaving only ten yuan balance, this money is not enough to pay the legal fees of Baoqiang Wang. The early morning of August 17th, Ma Rong around insider broke the news that Baoqiang Wang has a $1 million 900 thousand cash in the bank’s personal account, but the specific information from the screenshot, the money was transferred in August 15th to Baoqiang Wang Baoqiang Wang’s account, money is the "Baoqiang Wang (Shanghai) film culture studio". Baoqiang Wang personal account transfer letter.相关的主题文章: