The DPP has hurt the Avengers chase – Beijing property in the mud

The DPP has hurt "the Avengers" chase – Beijing property in mud KMT Tainan city councilor Sherron recently reported a "dielectric property, the value of the improper" to billion yuan (NT, the same below) of real estate, the owner is the leader of the Taiwan authorities, the Cai Yingwen family. The assets of the Kuomintang battle is intensified. The Democratic Progressive Party established "improper property Commission" was founded even out Shazhao, unwilling to look for opportunities to the Kuomintang jedi. Spare none hurt yourself in Taiwan "Legislative Yuan" in mid July just by "improper property regulations", "improper Party committee" at the end of August listed wildly beating gongs and drums. The Committee immediately announced, to encourage public property to assist inventory report, 1% people named the property, the upper limit of 100 million yuan. "Rewards allure men to brave danger.", the first major report of the case quickly appeared, but the DPP harvest is awkward and difficult. In a television political talk shows, Sherron lies open to the "Party committee propaganda, improper handling" report Cai Yingwen family holds the sea king is the land assets of the kuomintang. Sherron said he would report the medium, is the Taipei Zhongshan North Road city on the sea king land, when a man is Jiang Jieshi trust was five, but the transfer to father Cai Yingwen Cai Jiesheng, currently in the name of the Cai Yingwen family. Xie Longjie said, this report even if no bonus 100 million yuan there are tens of millions of dollars, for he donated to the Taiwan children family assistance fund. According to media reports in Taiwan, the land was originally a military land overlord. Cai Yingwen in 2009 at the restaurant to participate in activities, said, this is my family’s industry, but we are just the landlord, the restaurant’s shares are not within our scope." According to Cai Zhengyuan, executive director of the KMT policy revealed that the family had to get the price of land overlord sea, according to court documents, it is likely to be 14 yuan ($)! The DPP for dry Kuomintang, hate not all related assets are identified as "improper property", that blade and would hurt yourself. In addition to the sea king, the Kuomintang who pointed out that Li Denghui, KMT chairman who provides funds for the Democratic Progressive Party, the Democratic Progressive Party organization is so attached to the Kuomintang, is also included in the review of the "Wrongful party". Without you naiwo although the DPP also points to the KMT assets, many greens also took the Zhongshan scholarship, but these factors may not be enough to stop the dpp. Because of the improper Party committee appointed by the DPP authorities, see from the composition of the personnel, it is the reality version of the Avengers: the chairman is former DPP legislators, "Chen Shuibian Gu Lixiong, a member of the Queen’s lawyer" is a "green", these people certainly knew how to selective under the knife. Gu Lixiong hasn’t started released rhetoric, saying that the KMT should talk to him as soon as possible to avoid the KMT party, finally does not exist "; then a series of actions, but show you naiwo domineering. In the "property management committee improperly listed in the press conference, a reporter questioned the full-time members Committee)相关的主题文章: