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The first half of the domestic mobile phone sales ranking   HUAWEI first – communication channel — original title: the first half of the domestic mobile phone sales ranked first HUAWEI in the past six months, the domestic intelligent mobile phone market competition is still fierce, and frequently have new products come out. Recently, a national statistical agencies Beijing sainuo announced the first half of 2016, domestic smart mobile phone online and offline sales ranking of the two sets of data. Line: millet, music as the top three data show that online sales (mainly through the official website and business platform and other channels), with a total of 17 million 450 thousand millet ranked in the first half of the domestic online sales of the first, which is from January to May were maintained at about 2 million 700 thousand per month results, in June it soared to 3 million 770 thousand. The first half of 2016 online sales ranking (pictures from Yu Weibo) followed by HUAWEI (15 million 810 thousand) and LETV (5 million 310 thousand), but from this set of data can be seen, the first half of the online channel can be on a par with millet and HUAWEI, while in the third row of the music as it is only in the second HUAWEI 1/3 sales, but to get involved in the mobile phone industry and soon the music as it is, the results have been very good. The line is still the main force: Sales and online sales (store based), with a total of 28 million 40 thousand OPPO year sales win HUAWEI (27 million 960 thousand) ranked first, vivo to 24 million 810 thousand results in third. As can be seen in recent years, the rise of the Internet electricity supplier channels have not yet caused a devastating blow to the physical channel line, the line is still the main mobile phone sales channels. Among them, OPPO and vivo both blue and green plant for HUAWEI is forming a pincer attack, OPPO R9 is the founder of the end models in the first half of this year’s sales myth. The first half of 2016 line sales ranking (picture from Yu Weibo) comprehensive sales: HUAWEI domestic leading role from the indestructible combined sales of online and offline, HUAWEI first half of a total of 43 million 770 thousand of sales in China more than 29 million 20 thousand grades was second of OPPO, is still in the domestic status of a brother. Its strong line with the line and the promotion of online in recent years are inseparable. Some netizens pointed out that HUAWEI glory and two brands to consumers left a good impression of the inherent quality is one of the important reasons for the tight spot. 2016 overall sales ranking in the first half (pictures from Yu Weibo) in addition, apple as the top five sales in the world’s only international brand, followed by the sales of the top 27 million 660 thousand among the top third. Vivo and millet were located at fourth and fifth. International brands in China: Apple third, Samsung’s sixth analysts pointed out that Apple’s sales in China this year, the weak trend is reasonable. In addition to the iOS equipment update cycle is relatively slow and the relative lack of Android camp manufacturers and other objective factors, the difference between the smaller product updates as well as the "irreplaceable" continued to weaken相关的主题文章: